ProfiitPlus – Australian Business Management Software

Foresiight has been helping hard working Australians manage their businesses for over 35 years. As a Brisbane based, Australian run company ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to effectively run, support, and grow a successful business in Australia. That’s what we’re here for, to help you manage and stay in control of all aspects of your business so you can see it thrive in the Aussie marketplace.

How Foresiight Helps Australians Manage Their Business Needs

Each and every business in Australia has its own different needs. That’s an incredible number of unique elements to keep track of, more than anyone can count! This is why Foresiight provides all in one Austlralian business management software ProfiitPlus to keep every part of your business centralised.

We keep track of all the most vital business elements to help you keep things running as effectively and efficiently as possible. Following are some of the core things that we can help you track and manage, helping you stay on top of everything so your business can stand out and prosper.

  1. Purchasing and Inventory

Our business management software will track of each and every customer purchase made. Whether it’s made in person in one of your Australian locations, or even if it’s made internationally through your website, our business management software will monitor and record the details of every exchange. From processing payments and purchasing information, to acknowledging and updating changes in stock levels, ProfiitPlus keeps it all in one place to help you avoid the drudgery and confusion of tracking each sale.

2. Accounting

Celebrate each and every sale you make, but don’t forget to track your own expenses like some Australian business owners. Our platforms make it so you don’t have to worry if the ink is red or black, ProfiitPlus will keep track of all that for you, and we’ll record and analyse your financial performance on top of that.

3. Pricing

There’s more to finance than just revenue and expenses. Fast track any price changes you need to make, whether you’re having a sale, working out shipping costs for online orders, figuring out how much the tax is, or if you’re a wholesaler or selling retail with commission. No need get your calculator out, we’ve already got it covered.

4. Customer Relationship Management

Commonly shortened to CRM, the ProfiitPlus CRM module keeps track of all your customer information. It records names and contact info, and then puts it to good use too. CRMs are the quickest and best way to let your customers know about new products and promotions, as well as keeping them up to date on any changes via email newsletters or SMS marketing. From single contacts to entire digital marketing campaigns, we’ll track your success so your customer communication is always optimised.

What are the benefits of business management software?

Whether you own a large, medium, or small business, there are dozens of operations that Australian managers need to juggle all at once. Streamlining them all by automating and tracking them in a single database provides plenty of great advantages for your company.


As long as you can get to a computer or device you’ll be able to access to your entire business through a single program. The benefit of being able to manage your whole business from a single piece of software rather than having one for each individual aspect speaks for itself.

Time saving

Tracking everything your business needs takes up valuable time, and as we all know, time is money. Improving efficiency increases your revenue and in turn gives both you and your employees more time to focus on doing what you do best.


Stock and sales aren’t the only things we automate. Is there an upcoming public holiday in your state? Or maybe a new product release on the horizon? Or Christmas just around the corner? Automated forecasting will help you work out trends and adjust accordingly.

Why Foresiight?

New business management software solutions are popping up all the time. However, many of them are not tailored, either to specific industries or to particular business facets. Trying to retro-fit off the shelf software to your business can be a headache.

Foresiight has been specialising in managing Australian businesses for over 35 years. Over that time we’ve developed Alchemii, Liinc, and our flagship software, ProfiitPlus, to handle the unique needs of the marketplace in this country, across a range of specialised industries. There’s no need to worry about accidentally working something out in US dollars, we know Australian businesses and understand the challenges you face because that’s who we are too.


Even before you join up with Foresiight we’re happy to lend a hand through the same support we give all our customers. Give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through our website, and our Australian based team will assist however we can. All contact goes through us, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re speaking with someone who truly knows what you need as an Australian business owner.

Further information

To find out more about Foresiight’s leading business management software ProfiitPlus, simply call us on 1800 061 670 or use our easy contact form to tell us about your business and we’ll be in touch.

8 reasons why you need hardware store software

8 reasons why you need hardware store software

Hardware store software that is customised to your industry will enable you to streamline and simplify your hardware store business. Here are 8 reasons why your business needs hardware store software.

  • Inventory

Getting inventory (or stock) levels right is critical to the success of hardware stores. You don’t want to buy and store stock that doesn’t sell because this significantly impacts the bottom line.  Getting this wrong too many times can be difficult to recover from.

Retail business management software provides automated stock control to avoid stock overs and profit loss.

  • Staffing

For bricks and mortar hardware stores, you need to consider not only the purchase and storage of inventory but the staff levels needed to maintain to keep stock moving. The additional expense of paying for staff to move stock that doesn’t sell further impacts your bottom line.

  • Time saving

Many start-up hardware stores track stock manually. Not only does this result in inaccuracies but it is also time-consuming which results in more (avoidable) human resource expense. Hardware store software enables automated tracking so there is no requirement for manual data entry, freeing up your staff for more important jobs.

  • Automated ordering

Intelligent hardware store software will automate your ordering process and reorder stock items when they fall below a pre-set level. This can be programed to allow for seasonal fluctuation such as busier holiday periods based on your historical sales data.

  • Forecasting

Customised hardware store software will enable smart forecasting which means that it will predict what stock you need for a given period and where you need it if you have multiple sites or an e-commerce channel. This is used to inform your automated ordering discussed in reason 4.

  • Centralisation

Control your entire hardware store business through one centralised database that you can manage from anywhere you have an internet connection. This database is your single source of truth across all the multiple teams and locations in your hardware store business.

  • Pricing

The right software will allow you to set your pricing however you need it. You may price stock items differently based on whether they are sold online or in-store or even based on retail store location or customer segment. You can apply discounts on certain products and even for certain customers such as trade customers vs retail customers.

  • POS

Your point-of-sale terminals need to be integrated with your inventory management system and vice versa. So that when you sell a stock item, it will automatically be removed as an item in your inventory list and your automated ordering knows to replenish the item.

Choosing Foresiight

At Foresiight, our flagship software ProfiitPlus has been customised to meet the unique needs of the hardware store industry. We know your industry and we understand the challenges that you face.

If you’re researching hardware store software, then give the Foresiight team a call today and ask us about ProfiitPlus. ProfiitPlus has been supporting Australian hardware stores for over 30 years.

ProfiitPlus works for our clients to:

  • Automate operations
  • Free up human resources
  • Integrate POS, stock and accounts
  • Provide a better experience for your customers
  • Enable stock control
  • Integrate multiple store locations
  • Integrate bricks and mortar and online stores
  • Increase your profits

Further information

Find out more about ProfiitPlus for hardware stores. Visit our hardware page, contact us online or call us on 1800 061 670 and request a free demo.

3 ways poor small business stock control is costing your business

Small business stock control is something that you know you should be better at right? For most business owners, as their business grows they understand that they need to implement inventory tracking software or all-in-one business management software  to properly gain control over their stock. However, it’s often put in the “too hard” basket or on the list of tasks to complete later. So what is the true cost to your business when you’re unable to achieve small business stock control?


Over-ordering on stock results in costs for your business to store and transport stock that you don’t need. It can also result in damaged or deteriorated stock (the longer that stock is stored the more likely it is to get damaged) and devalued stock where stock is seasonal or fashionable at a given point in time. Overstocking can result in the need to heavily discount products in order to get them off your shelves or out of your warehouse.

Lost sales

If you don’t have the right stock available for customers within their required time frame then they will go elsewhere to purchase the product. Perhaps a competitor who has achieved small business stock control or a larger competitor brand. This hits your bottom line hard in the form of lost sales. However, if you are not tracking the value of unfulfilled orders you will have no idea just how much this is impacting your bottom line.

Inability to forecast

How does accurate forecasting enable small business stock control? Without inventory tracking software or all-in-one business management software business owners rely on guess work to try and figure out how many units of a certain product they’ll move within a certain timeframe. And to the points above this can result in both overstocking and lost sales.

For further information on inventory tracking software to achieve small business stock control take a look at Foresiight’s flagship all-in-one business management software ProfiitPlus.

Auto spare parts stock management to grow your business

If you run a small business that handles auto spare parts, either as the core of your business or a subsidiary of it, you’ll know all too well the complexity involved. Having a sophisticated auto spare parts stock management process in place is absolutely essential. If your current process involves spreadsheets and manual data entry, it is likely that your business has already outgrown this method of auto spare parts stock management or it will very soon!

When the systems and process that you have in place start to inhibit your business growth, it’s time to look for some better solutions. Solutions that will enable your growth and future proof your business.

For any small businesses handling physical stock, efficient small business stock control is essential to avoid both over-stock and outages and to reduce carrying costs. The most effective way to take control of your stock is with stock management software (also known as “inventory management software”) the is customised to your industry and your business.

Small to medium sized businesses, as well as larger organisations invest in inventory tracking software to fulfil a variety of functions. These have a positive impact on their bottom line to grow their business and include:

  • • Maintaining a balance between having too much and too little stock
  • • Tracking stock between locations
  • • Receiving items into a warehouse, other site or location
  • • Picking, packing and shipping items
  • • Keeping track of sales and stock levels ay any given time
  • • Reducing the risk that products become obsolete (that is they can’t be sold) impacting sales and your bottom line

At Foresiight, we specialise in auto spare parts stock management. Grow your business with our market-leading software ProfiitPlus, your inventory tracking software solution.

What’s more, ProfiitPlus fully integrates inventory, accounting and point of sale into an all-in one business management software solution.

Read more on choosing the right inventory tracking software for your small to medium sized business.

Automate Your Online Business



Online trading is becoming an integral part of many traditional bricks and mortar businesses, but often this brings with it the burden of manually maintaining stock information and sales transactions in multiple systems.  An online sales channel should increase your revenue and customer base, not your work load! ProfiitPlus and Alchemii can be linked to your online store with our purpose-built eCommerce Interface module.  Automatically publish stock information to your website including descriptions, pictures, pricing and inventory levels.  Once a customer purchases a product online, a Web Order is automatically created in your ProfiitPlus or Alchemii system, ready for your staff to pack and send.  No more double handling of data – keep your inventory up to date and keep your customer accounts and purchasing history all in one place. Contact Us today for more information!