We’ve been helping Australian businesses to take control of their stock, with our customised business management software since 1981.  From our head office in Brisbane, we partner with growing businesses Australia-wide to deliver our market leading software solutions. We work across a range of industries. We take the best of each industry and inject that into our software to provide real outcomes for business owners .

If you are struggling with inventory control, our leading software ProfiitPlus will help you to:

• Optimise stock levels to maximise cash flow

• Accurately control stock in any unit of measure

• View available, committed and on-order stock in real-time and from any location

• Generate orders using intelligent forecast calculations

• Improve efficiency and eliminate manual data entry

• Use mobile devices to accurately order, receive and count stock

• Easily integrate your accounts and General Ledger

• Increase customer satisfaction


Established in 1981, we work with growing businesses throughout Australia, from the capital cities to the remote rural centres and everywhere in between.

We believe that an innovative approach to the way that businesses operate and integrate their point of sale, stock control, and accounting is crucial for a business to grow. 

In Australia there are many basic “off-the-shelf” accounting and POS systems, and then there is a big leap to larger and more complicated (and expensive) ERP systems.  Foresiight fills that gap, providing powerful business management software that is affordable and easy to use.

As part of Constellation Software via its operating group Vela Software Asia Pacific, Foresiight benefits from a strong corporate platform and international support, while utilising our proud history of local industry experience to work closely with our Australian clients.

Built for your industry

Foresiight Software embraces the needs of Australian businesses from a range of industries, combining them into a powerful suite of business management tools.  We have built upon this foundation to add industry focused features and modules, ensuring that ProfiitPlus can cater to your specific needs.

Our local team of expert consultants have worked with thousands of clients across these industries for many years. We understand the challenges you face in business. We’ll help you turn those challenges into opportunities to be the best at what you do.


Used in hundreds of retail & wholesale sites across Australia

Over 35 years in business

More powerful than basic POS & Accounting systems

More affordable than large ERP systems

100% of support calls answered by a real person