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Liinc is a group management software platform for industry groups, buying groups and franchises.

With Liinc, you can gain valuable insights into your group by analysing sales and product movement from one central location. Watch our video to find out how…

Liinc Group Management Software

Liinc Benefits

Take your Franchise or Buying Group to the next level with Liinc

Developed and supported by Foresiight Software in Australia, our group office management tool Liinc gives a top-level view over your franchise, cooperative, or industry buying group.

Designed for managing groups running ProfiitPlus or Alchemii in-store, Liinc is a powerful management tool for Australian businesses. Liinc consolidates data from across multiple business entities to provide visibility of stock and sales activity. All from a stunning cloud-based application that works on your computer and your tablet device.

We understand that in any franchise or buying group, each independent owner has the right to privacy of their own data.  That is why Liinc is designed to centralise just the data you need to make the right decisions at a group level – leaving your members in control of their own financials.

Whether you’re looking for business management software for wholesale, retail or pharmacy management groups, Liinc is your solution. With Liinc, you can manage and monitor your group of businesses from anywhere in the world.

Custom Integration

Tailor made for your business – we will customise Liinc to precisely fit your business needs.
With its powerful REST-based API, Liinc integrates with POS and Stock Control applications to collate the data that matters to you.

All-in-one Solution

Liinc helps reduce data entry across multiple systems in a multi-store or franchise group.  Get all the information you need in one place.

Innovation & Growth

Use your systems to get ahead of the competition.  Our innovation in our cloud-based group management software = your path to growth and success.

Partnership & Care

Gain Partnership. Access an expert team of software consultants dedicated to helping your business grow.  We aren’t just IT gurus, our people know how to do business in Australia – it’s what we live and breathe!

Liinc Features

Product Management

Centralised Product Database
Product Categorisation
Cross References
Inventory Levels
Group Suppliers

Your Group

Store Directory
Group Members
Promotional Catalogues

Reporting & Analysis

Management Dashboards
Performance Metrics
Product Data Analysis
Sales Activity Reporting
Regional & Geographical Segmentation

Custom Solution

With our team of local developers and consultants, we are able to customise Liinc to suit your unique all in one business management software requirements.  Our business analysts will review your current systems, procedures and the business challenges that you face. This mean that we can implement a customised solution to cater to your present and future needs as a growing business.

Working directly with our team of in-house Developers, our Implementation Consultants can arrange for Liinc customisations to be undertaken as part of the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition.


The Liinc management console is designed around a web-based platform, allowing you to seamlessly work between many different devices – whether that be a tablet, laptop, iPad, or traditional desktop PC.

Our cloud-based system means you always have immediate access to the data you need to manage your group of businesses – on the road, at an airport, or in the boardroom.

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