ProfiitPlus for Safety & Workwear

ProfiitPlus is your Safety & Workwear Industry Solution Automatically generate items in bulk With a predefined colour and size matrix, items can be created in bulk with ease. Simply enter your product code and description, select your sizes and colours and ProfiitPlus will do the rest. Read More Reduce error rates with graphical sales documents Create graphical quotes and decoration orders Present your customers with graphical quotes and sign off forms, submit graphical decoration orders to your embroiderers and screen printers to eliminate potential order errors. Read More Keep your and staff customers up-to-date Maintain order statuses and automated SMS messages Keep your customer and your staff up-to-date by setting statuses on embroidery or screen printing jobs. Know at a glance what the status of an order is, how many jobs are at an embroiderer and notify the customer of updates automatically. Read More Linked sales and purchase orders for receipt alerts Raise purchases directly from customer orders Point of sale staff can raise a purchase request from an order or job, linking stock allocation to the customer order throughout the order and receipt process. Automatically receive a notice upon stock receipting who stock is allocated to. Check the order status at any time from the sales screen! Read More

ProfiitPlus Safety & Workwear features

Safety Workwear Retail

  • Multiple pricing levels for customer based pricing
  • Contract and quoted pricing for corporate customers
  • Store product images and embroidery images
  • Print images on sales documents
  • Full barcode support, scan and create your own barcodes
  • Create decoration orders for screen printing and embroidery
  • Simple stock transfer system to transfer stock between multiple stores
  • Integrated signature pads
  • Email invoices and quotes at the point of sale

industry specific

  • Bulk generation of items with a custom size and colour matrix
  • Print graphical decoration orders for embroidery and screen printing
  • Print graphical quotes and order acceptance for embroidery and screen printing sales
  • Store customer embroidery images and specifications
  • Store signatures for collection of orders & email signature on invoice
  • Embed signatures on sales documents and statements

Customer Relationship Management

  • Flexible pricing structures to accommodate retail, wholesale, trade and contract pricing
  • Create quotes, special orders, decoration orders or sales from a single sales interface
  • Raise linked purchase orders from customer orders with automatic allocation of stock upon receipt
  • SMS integration – send customer messages from the point of sale with automated messages or targeted SMS marketing
  • Email invoices, orders, quotations and customer documents from the point of sale
  • Build customer loyalty with directed marketing options including customer type, demographic and brand preference
  • Integrated membership options allow for points or percentage based discounts
  • Support for membership card scanning for error free customer selection at the point of sale

Stock management

  • Full stock control integrated with the general ledger to ensure accurate stock valuation and cost of goods sold
  • Advanced ordering methods including calculated ordering incorporating movement history, daily usage calculation and seasonal periods
  • Ordering based upon minimums, maximums or a combination of calculated and min/max ordering
  • Stock management using stockmate – our mobile stock application – create orders, sales, perform stock takes and request labels on the fly without the need for manual docking processes
  • Manage stock across multiple stock locations and view stock at each location from a single screen
  • Quick and easy inter store transfers
  • Support for shelf and bin locations for order picking and stock management
  • Automatic price calculation based upon an unlimited number of margins and markups
  • Quantity price breaks, quoted prices and individual customer pricing

Job Card Management

  • Create job cards for embroidery and screen printing orders
  • Update statuses of job cards for visibility across store staff
  • Send automatic SMS messages to customers to update on job status
  • Use Job Manager to view the status of jobs, show all orders at embroidery, all orders ready for collection or awaiting delivery of stock.
  • Take deposits for orders and part ship instock items.

Accounting & Finance

  • Accounts Payable – All stock invoices are posted into Accounts Payable ready for creditor payment runs
  • Accounts Receivable – Daily sales and banking automatically post through to Accounts Receivable ready for end of month statements
  • General Ledger – Full double sided entry accounting system, fully integrated into your sales and stock management means most of your general ledger transactions take place automatically, ready for your accountant – leaving you to focus on managing your business and not your taxes
  • Option management of Fixed Assets, Project Costing and Cost Centre Link
  • Payroll Integration

Time & Efficiency

  • Schedule reports and overnight processes to ensure you spend as little time as possible managing your accounts
  • Integrated booking diary for scheduling of resources, job cards or staff
  • Bulk editing tools allowing greater flexibility over your stock file
  • Data Import/Export functionality to import supplier catalogues, price update files and promotions eliminates manual entry of stock and manual pricing
  • User customisable to-do lists
  • Paperless Office Management keeps important documents at your fingertips
  • Store embroidery images with specifications and thread colour for simple reordering.

Expansion & Growth

  • Multiple Stock Locations – Manage warehouses, mobile vans and more
  • Multi-Store & Multi Cost Centre – your point of sale grows with you, whether you have more than one store or an online store, you can manage, track and report on the profitability of each area of your business
  • Replenishment Location Ordering – Replenish stock from a central warehouse or storage point
  • ProfiitPlus can grow with your business from sole trader, single location to multi-store setups, franchise groups, co-operatives, buying groups and more
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