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About Foresiight Pty Ltd

Established in 1981, Foresiight Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned company that develops, implements and supports businesses with all-in-one business management software. We integrate point of sale, accounting, small business stock control and mobile commerce applications with our market leading software solutions ProfiitPlus™,  Alchemii™  and Liinc™.
All products have been developed in-house in Australia specifically for Australian businesses.






At Foresiight, we are industry leaders in developing and implementing all in one business management software for growing businesses. Established in 1981, we’re an Australian privately owned company providing ERP software in Australia. We have been partnering with Australian businesses for over 35 years.

We believe that an innovative approach to the way that businesses manage and integrate their point of sale, stock control, accounting and mobile commerce is crucial for a business to grow.  We believe in “information innovation”; we even incorporated it into our name.

From our head office in Brisbane, we partner with businesses Australia wide. We help them grow with our market leading software solutions ProfiitPlus, Alchemii and Liinc. We work across a diverse range of industries both retail and wholesale, from pharmaceutical to hardware and landscaping, from homewares to auto parts, and everything in between.  We take what we learn from each industry, and inject that into our software to provide real outcomes for business owners.

Our in-house team of developers work to ensure that Foresiight’s software fits seamlessly with your business processes. We regularly work on-site with our clients to meet the unique needs of each and every business that we partner with.

We invest significantly in ongoing research and development to ensure that our business management solutions remain market leading in today’s continually changing business environment.

The recognition that no two businesses are the same has set Foresiight apart. Our leading ERP software for Australian small business is completely customisable to meet the needs of individual businesses. Our market-leading solution is the business management software Australia needs in business.
Manny Gill (Managing Director – Foresiight)

Experience the Foresiight Difference

Implementing a Foresiight product is a unique experience in the software industry. At Foresiight we pride ourselves on the attention to detail and ability to meet your individual requirements and business processes. Throughout the implementation process you will be supported by our team of qualified Developers, Technicians and Project Managers to ensure minimal disruption to your business and reducing the need for you to change your business processes – we adapt to your needs.
Whether you are implementing ProfiitPlus, Alchemii or Liinc, the implementation and deployment process will be unique to your business. Our unique approach puts our staff into your business to see how we can best work for you.

Our specialisations include wholesale business management software, pharmacy management software, retail business management software, inventory tracking software and more.

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