Enabling Australian businesses to grow through customised business management software

We’ve been helping Australian businesses to grow and become more profitable since 1981. From our head office in Brisbane, we partner with growing businesses Australia-wide to deliver our market leading software solutions. Here are some stories from just a few of the amazing clients we work with…

JTR Motorcycle Parts


In 1982, John Titman founded John Titman Racing (JTR) as he pursued his illustrious career as a Speedway rider. Former Australian Test Captain and Australian Champion, John took his passion and turned it into a successful family business. JTR is a wholesaler of aftermarket motor cross accessories throughout Australia. They specialise in top quality performance hard parts and industry leading wheel building and restorations.


When the business first launched in 1982, John himself still had commitments overseas as a professional speedway rider and lived between Europe and Australia. John enlisted the help of a partner to run the business until he retired from racing in 1986. When John returned to run JTR, he knew that they needed a reliable POS system to manage their growing business.


JTR needed a fully integrated business management system to run their store in Cleveland. That’s when John discovered Foresight. Based locally, the Foresiight implementation team were able to migrate existing stock, General Ledger, Customer and Supplier data from the legacy system to greatly ease the impact of changing systems for John Titman Racing.


John Titman Racing have been working with Foresiight and using the Profiit Plus system for over 15 years. John’s son Kevin, who runs business operations explains. “The team and system have been instrumental in working with JTR from the early days of going computerised with three employees and hundreds of SKU’s to our modern day size. JTR nowadays employs 20 full time staff, holds in excess of 80,000 SKU’s on hand and runs a real time B2B online ordering system that works and talks to ProfiitPlus. Our needs and requirements over the years have been far and wide and the one-on-one personal support that Foresiight offers is first class.

The ability of the ProfiitPlus system to be adapted to our own specific needs, custom reporting, sales analysis and manufactured items are some of the key features of the system. As Foresiight is based locally, their customer service phone support and onsite visits have another been a key feature.

“The ability of the Profiit Plus system to be adapted to your own needs, custom reporting, sales analysis, manufactured items are some of the key features that JTR has used to maximize the system to our requirements. Customer service phone support and onsite visits being a local company has also been a key feature.”

Kevin Titman, Director

Jash Living


Jash Living is a family-owned modern homewares and clothing business and operates three successful retail stores in South-East Queensland as well as an online home decor and clothing store.  The business recently opened their flagship store in Pacific Fair, Gold Coast.


Over recent years, as Jash Living grew and opened more stores, they needed an all-in-one business management system that would grow with them.  They needed to be able to manage stock inventory across multiple locations and the ability to manage their business from any physical location, in-store or otherwise.


Prior to launching the Jash Living brand, business owners Ashley and Jason Searle already operated Verdant Cafe and GardenWay Home & Garden, a successful Brisbane nursery, homewares and restaurant business.  GardenWay had the ProfiitPlus business management system in place so when Jason and Ashley needed an all-in-one solution for Jash Living, ProfiitPlus was the obvious choice.


ProfiitPlus has enabled Jash Living to integrate stock, accounting, gift vouchers and sales functions through to general ledger.  As a 7-day retail operation, the family-owned business received the expert support that they needed from the locally based Foresiight team.

Rollies Speed Shop Distribution


Established in 1979 and based in Brisbane, Rollies Speed Shop are Australia’s leading distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory motorcycles. In the early years Rollies Speed Shop started out as one of Brisbane’s first independent stores to supply parts and repairs for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Back then the core of the business was in the modification of motorcycles for retail customers. Over the years they have grown to become the successful distribution business they are today – the heart of the business now lies in the import of aftermarket parts and accessories (largely from the US) and distribution throughout Australia.


With the business evolving from motorcycle servicing and modifications for a consumer retail audience to import and distribution to resellers across Australia – the complexity of Rollies Speed Shop and its processes grew exponentially. To keep up, Rollies needed a complete business management solution with sophisticated stock control features that could be customised to the business’ unique needs.


Over 20 years ago Rollies Speed Shop partnered with Foresiight to work with them as the business grew. Today, Foresiight’s flagship software ProfiitPlus continues to meet and exceed the requirements of the business. The import purchasing features and ability to handle multiple cost centres are two of the key features of the ProfiitPlus software that are crucial to the successful management of Rollies Speed Shop Distribution.

With the Foresiight team based locally to Rollies, they are on hand to provide support and ongoing consultation, ensuring that the ProfiitPlus software continues to evolve with the business.


Using the import purchasing functions of ProfiitPlus, importing costs are accurately apportioned against the cost of stock, meaning the profitability of each product line is accurately measured and controlled.  Similarly, the multiple cost centre features allow the two core segments of the business – parts and workshop – to be measured independently for a clear high-level view of how they are performing.

In addition to accurate stock control, the comprehensive Sales Orders features in ProfiitPlus are used to efficiently track and fulfil orders so that customers’ expectations are always met.

Over the past decade, Rollies Speed Shop has re-branded to Rollies Speed Shop Distribution and, in partnership with Foresiight, has grown from a $1Million business to a $20Million business.