What’s included in the StockMate Kit:
+ Android Mobile Scanning Terminal with hand strap
+ StockMate Device Licence
+ Software installation & device configuration
+ Online user training
+ Protective Case


What are the benefits of having a StockMate device?

Enables live upload of scanned stock via WIFI – No manual docking process needed.

Significantly reduces data entry errors – no more writing it on a scrap of paper and decipher when you get back to the counter/office.

Save time stocktaking, receiving stock and filling out purchase orders and sales invoices.

User-friendly touch screen interface that your staff will love.

Submitting counts from your StockMate device to ProfiitPlus/Alchemii is INSTANT!

Direct linking to the ProfiitPlus/Alchemii Stock File means your list of products is LIVE – new Stock Items and current On Hand counts are all reflected immediately on your StockMate device.


What can you do with your stockmate device?

Easily scan items for simple use within rolling (Interim) stocktakes without the need for stocktake worksheets

Stock Adjustments
Scan damaged stock and process write-offs when you find them, rather than later after you have amassed a collection in the stock room

Stock Transfers
Easily pick and pack products for transfer between stores so you can get the stock transferred quicker!

Price Checks
Don’t leave the customer waiting – get them the price they need while you are on the floor with them

Stock Receiving
Save the guessing game, scan the products as they come in to make sure you have received all products you have been invoiced for

Purchase Orders
Create your purchase order while you are walking around the store, where its easiest to see if the shelf is looking low on stock

Shelf Labels
Paired with the price check function, ensure you are always showing the correct price on your shelves saving customer confusion

Have those bulky products ready to go on an invoice for the customer, saving the guessing game when you get to the front counter