Simplify the sale and break down of kits Manage the sale & purchase of kits with ease Create and Modify kit components, explode kits at the point of sale and add and remove components to maintain accurate stock control. Read More ProfiitPlus accurately controls any type of item with ease Stock Flexibility - Buy and Sell in any unit Maintaining accurate stock levels is impossible without the support for every possible sales and purchasing measurement. Whether you are selling sandpaper by the sheet or packet or gas by the kilo, ProfiitPlus has you covered. Read More Manage complex pricing structures & contract pricing Charge the right person, the right price, with the right markup Manage pricing based upon customer type, offer pricing levels for trade, corporate and government customers. Provide contract and quoted prices to individual customers and calculate markups/markdowns based upon Cost, Sell, Book Price & More. Read More Your biggest challenges are our greatest strength Build and Reward customer loyalty Design and run your own loyalty program - whether it's based upon pricing discounts, loyalty points, promotional pricing access or all of the above, ProfiitPlus has a flexible and robust loyalty module to suit your needs. Print membership cards, generate loyalty vouchers for email distribution, the options are limitless. Read More

Foresiight ProfiitPlus for Tools & Industrial

We’ve been helping Australian Tool & Industrial businesses with our customised business management software since 1981.  From our head office in Brisbane, we partner with growing businesses Australia wide to deliver our market leading software solutions.

Our leading software ProfiitPlus will help you to:

  • Set multiple pricing levels for customer based pricing
  • Manage interest groups by trade, brand and more
  • Full promotion management for group and local promotions
  • Printing of shelf talkers and shelf labels
  • Sell items in unlimited units of measure with automatic stock control based upon preset ratios
  • Track serial numbers for high ticket items
  • Track repairs on items and link to serial numbers for full repair history
  • Full barcode support, scan and create your own barcodes
  • Option of simple POS or trade counter style sales
  • Report on sales and purchase history by supplier to manage supplier rebates
  • Track repairs and servicing by serial number for full repair history
  • Manage, prioritise and locate job cards by customer, serial number or status
  • Manage kit items and kit contents with the ability to “explode” kits at the point of sale to allow for content substitution
  • Integrate JobMate mobile app allows service persons to easily manage jobcards
  • Search sales history by serial number for warranty verification
  • Manage customer categories and interest groups to identify customer brand preferences, industry and more


Used in hundreds of retail & wholesale sites across Australia

Over 35 years in business

More powerful than basic POS & Accounting systems

More affordable than large ERP systems

100% of support calls answered by a real person



ProfiitPlus is your complete business management software solution and Foresiight’s flagship software. The market leading functionality of ProfiitPlus provides small, medium and larger sized businesses with a fully integrated point of sale, accounting and stock control solution.

With ProfiitPlus™ you can focus on growing your business.

Watch our video to find out how


Just a few of the amazing Australian businesses we have helped to grow with our business management and stock control software…

Foresiight provides personalised support and training to help you get the most out of your business systems, and it doesn’t cost as much as you might think!  Our affordable monthly plans make it easy to get up and running quickly without a big up-front investment.

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