Foresiight ProfiitPlus software for Hardware & Building Supplies

We’ve been helping Australian businesses with our customised Hardware & Building Supplies software since 1981.  From our head office in Brisbane, we partner with growing businesses Australia-wide to deliver our market leading software solutions.

Foresiight works with all the leading industry groups…

Point of Sale made easy, with all the bells and whistles (but only when you need them)

• Multiple pricing levels for customer based pricing
• Full promotion management for group and local promotions
• Printing of shelf talkers and shelf labels
• Sell items in unlimited units of measure with automatic stock control based upon preset ratios
• Track serial numbers for high ticket items
• Full barcode support, scan and create your own barcodes
• Simple touchscreen POS sales and trade counter style invoicing & quoting
• Special buy-ins – associate Purchase Order lines with Sales Orders to track fulfilment of customer orders

ERP | Point of Sale | Accounting | Inventory | Ordering

Built for the Hardware & Building Supplies industry

• Integration with IHG (HTH & Mitre10) for electronic Ordering and Invoicing, Electronic Price Guides and Vii Loyalty
• Price updates from a huge range of suppliers via our Price File Import Wizard – giving independents access to some of the same efficiencies as the big guys
• Easy management of ratio items such as chain, rope, gas and more – buy it by the roll, sell by the metre, the roll, or any denomination in between

Manage your inventory with accuracy

• Don’t guess at stock levels and margins when you can automatically maintain stock and pricing using predefined ratios and markups
• Sell and purchase in a range of unit types including lineal meter, kilogram, number of days and more
• Sell and purchase in different units of measure, including the purchase of gas in kilograms and sold in litres

Do business your way, efficiently

• Flexible pricing structures to accommodate retail, wholesale, trade and contract pricing
• Create quotes, special orders or sales from a single sales interface
• Raise linked purchase orders from customer orders with automatic allocation of stock upon receipt
• SMS integration – send customer messages from the point of sale with automated messages or targeted SMS marketing
• Email invoices, orders, quotations and customer documents from the point of sale


Used in hundreds of retail & wholesale sites across Australia

Over 35 years in business

More powerful than basic POS & Accounting systems

More affordable than large ERP systems

100% of support calls are answered by a real person

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ProfiitPlus is your complete business management software solution and Foresiight’s flagship software. The market leading functionality of ProfiitPlus provides small, medium and larger sized businesses with a fully integrated point of sale, accounting and stock control solution.

With ProfiitPlus™ you can focus on growing your business.

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