ProfiitPlus v4.94 New Features

Overview of new features and improvements released in Version 4.94 Administration Manager Override changes A major change to the manager override system has been implemented, allowing individual staff members to be flagged as a manager. This gives greater flexibility and security to set individual passwords. It also supports more detailed auditing on who is authorising… Continue reading ProfiitPlus v4.94 New Features

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New Customer Portal

We are also currently in the process of moving all open tickets to our new support centre, you may receive an email notifying you of the new ticket ID. This will not require any action on your behalf. Please note – you can still submit a support request as normal by sending an email to… Continue reading New Customer Portal

Did You Know? Add & Editing Users

Maintaining Users Maintaining User permissions in ProfiitPlus or Alchemii is quick and easy. Review your system today to ensure your Users have access to just the functions that are applicable to their role. Navigate to Administration | System | User Menu Options (Access) Setting Up Users Click the Add button to add a new user.  Enter a… Continue reading Did You Know? Add & Editing Users

Foresiight StockMate

BENEFITS What are the benefits of having a StockMate device? Enables live upload of scanned stock via WIFI – No manual docking process needed Significantly reduces data entry errors – no more need to write it on a scrap of paper and decipher when you get back to the counter/office Saves time stocktaking and purchasing… Continue reading Foresiight StockMate

e-PayDay Single Touch Payroll for Australian Businesses

Meet all your ATO Single Touch Payroll Reporting requirements without breaking the Bank! For over 30 years e-PayDay have been providing software that covers your payroll needs no matter what type of business you have. Cost-effective Australian Made Payroll Software that is comprehensive and easy-to-use. e-PayDay is designed to make payroll simpler for any small to medium… Continue reading e-PayDay Single Touch Payroll for Australian Businesses

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Reach more customers with online sales

One of the responses we’ve seen from COVID-19 is how consumer behaviors have changed during periods of restricted social interaction. We are now more than ever relying on online shopping for our buying needs. A great option for businesses today is to add another sales channel to take advantage of new opportunities that exist beyond your physical location. eCommerce… Continue reading Reach more customers with online sales

Foresiight Mini POS Bundle – clear the clutter!

Is your counter area cluttered with big old desktop workstations?Are you still running outdated and unsupported Windows 7 systems? Foresiight has the solution – our Mini POS systems feature a powerful small-frame Intel PC in a case that’s smaller than a docket printer! Stop putting up with big, old clunky systems that are slowing down… Continue reading Foresiight Mini POS Bundle – clear the clutter!

ESET Antivirus

What does ESET stand for? Essential Security against Evolving Threats How does ESET Antivirus work? Its antivirus engine uses advanced heuristics, machine learning, and cloud-based scanning to effectively detect and eliminate the latest malware threats without slowing down your computer. Can ESET protect while web browsing? Yes it can. The ESET Online Scanner runs from your web browser, checks… Continue reading ESET Antivirus

SMS Free Trial

ProfiitPlus Tip of the Month

SMS Free Trial SMS marketing is a vital part of getting your business’ name out there in the mobile-focused world we live in. In fact, most people use SMS every single day. SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective marketing in businesses today and it is a very cost effective solution. SMS is a… Continue reading SMS Free Trial

Paperless Office – Reduce Filing, Save Time & Money

Sick of filing paper documents? Its time to go paperless! Moving from paper to digital documents can save you a lot of time and money. Accountants and bookkeepers alike love the ability to review documents on the fly. Not to mention doing your bit to help reduce your environmental footprint and reduce stationary costs. The… Continue reading Paperless Office – Reduce Filing, Save Time & Money

Did You Know? ProfiitPlus Integrated SMS Functionality

ProfiitPlus Tip of the Month

SMS Key features SMS is a great way to keep in touch with customers (and sometimes even suppliers). ProfiitPlus/Alchemii includes functionality to send SMS messages from various parts of the system. Before using SMS you need to register your system – please contact Foresiight Support and we can help set this up for you. There… Continue reading Did You Know? ProfiitPlus Integrated SMS Functionality

Are you ready for June 30?

Our support team has compiled a quick list of must-do items, reports and checks to ensure you don’t look back in coming months and realise you missed an important end of year step! For more information click the following link to view our User Guide on End of Year. Things you can do NOW:… Continue reading Are you ready for June 30?

Archiving & Purging

Over a period of time, a huge amount of historical data can accumulate within your ProfiitPlus/Alchemii database. Whilst the system is developed to efficiently handle very large numbers of transactions, some significant speed improvements in day-to-day processing can be achieved by archiving or purging unused data. Certain data, such as financial movement and sales transactions,… Continue reading Archiving & Purging

Protect Your Computers This Storm Season

Are your computers protected from the threat of power failures? We all know that when a bad storm hits it can cause power failures, which means any electrical appliances that are not on backup power will stop working immediately. This can potentially be damaging to your computer equipment, and can even result in data loss. … Continue reading Protect Your Computers This Storm Season

Know Your Backup

How Well Do You Know Your Backup Routine? Many small business owners are not aware that they are not sufficiently protecting their business against data loss.  Simply backing up your data isn’t enough – do you review and monitor your backups and take a backup off site? A good functioning backup allows a company to… Continue reading Know Your Backup

Data Import and Export

Simplify Your Stock File Updates Many industry suppliers are now providing their business customers with monthly or quarterly electronic price file updates and promotions.  Manually updating pricing can be laborious and inaccurate, which can lead to selling items below margin or incorrectly quoting customers. Automate your price updates and stock file changes with Data Import/Export… Continue reading Data Import and Export

Helpful Hints for Stocktaking

Here are some reminders and helpful hints to get you through stocktakes. Ensure that all Stock Receipts (Purchase Invoices / Delivery Dockets) have been entered, where those products are to be counted The optimal time to perform a Stocktake is outside of trading hours – it’s difficult to accurately count your stock when a customer… Continue reading Helpful Hints for Stocktaking

Instant asset write-off increased

From the 2nd April 2019, the ‘Instant Asset Write-Off’ has increased to $30,000. This means that any capital purchases such as computer equipment/hardware and some software purchases can be instantly deducted if acquired between the 2nd April and 30th June in this financial year (rather than over the useful life of the asset). Computer equipment… Continue reading Instant asset write-off increased