The top 8 benefits of all in one business management software

All in one business management software is designed to integrate operational areas of your business and automate the processes required to keep your business running successfully.

But why should small businesses strive to achieve this? As a smaller operation is all in one business management software a “nice to have” or a “must have”? The answer depends on how successful you want your business to be now and into the future.

At Foresiight we’ve been supporting small to medium sized businesses across Australia for over 35 years. Our flagship all in one business management software ProfiitPlus has helped these businesses to grow. Let’s take a the top 8 benefits of business management software.

  • Better business reporting. Accurate reporting on your business metrics allows you to make informed decisions, the right decisions for your business and your staff. You’ll get real-time information from one single database. This means one source of truth so no more discrepancies and inaccuracies in data across different systems.
  • Next level customer service. All in one software gives you better access to customer information. This means faster response times for customer orders, enquiries and feedback and improved order accuracy. All of this will take your customer service to the next level and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business over your competitors.
  • Take control of your stock. All in one business management software gives you ultimate control over your stock. With this in place you can carry the optimal amount of stock, across all products at any given time of the year (taking into account any seasonal demands). This means that you can reduce the overhead costs for holding more stock than you need while also avoiding under ordering and disappointing customers and/or clients with out of stock items.
  • Boost cash flow. Automate your invoicing so that invoices are dispatched and paid in a timely manner. This means more cash on-hand for your business and less human resource needed to create and follow-up on invoicing.
  • Cost savings. With streamlined and automated processes in place you’ll see the cost savings from improved inventory control, better procurement management, better customer service and improved vendor/supplier relationship management.
  • Improved data security. You can be rest assured of improved data security for your business and your customers with dedicated security resources.
  • Standardised processes. With manual processes comes human error and variations in the away in which processes are used and followed. Simply because we’re all human! With processes automated, they are standardised and not reliant on interpretation.
  • Better supply chain management. You’ll be able to achieve lean inventory (only store what you need), reduce production bottlenecks and achieve transparency throughout your entire supply chain.

Why choose Foresiight

At Foresiight, we’ve been partnering with small to medium sized businesses throughout Australia for over 35 years. Based in Brisbane, we offer our expertise through the personalised service that we provide to each and every business that we work with.

Our business consultants have specialised experience across a range of wholesale and retail industries including pharmacy, hardware, pets and produce, automotive and more. We understand industry specifications and over the years we have tailored our leading all in one business management software ProfiitPlus to meet and exceed the needs of each industry.

Further information

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