Standard Support or Professional Services?

As a Foresiight customer with an active Support Agreement, a range of helpful services are available to you as part of your annual Support Agreement.  In conjunction with regular software enhancements, these standard support services are the cornerstone of our software solutions and can help your business to succeed and grow.

As well as the standard inclusions in your Support Agreement (“Standard Support”), Foresiight also offers an extensive range of additional specialised consultancy services (“Professional Services”).  For companies that are looking to enhance their use of the software, our paid Professional Services can help to get the most out of your systems and gain a competitive edge.

For newer customers, and those that haven’t held a Support Agreement with a business software provider in the past, it can initially be a little tricky to distinguish between Standard Support and Professional Services.  To help clarify this, we have provided some common examples below.

Standard Support Examples

Support is provided to help out with your regular day-to-day use of the software, answering operational questions (but not training), providing general advice, and investigating the cause of system errors.

  • I have created an Invoice Reversal and would like to confirm that I have entered it correctly before I post it.
  • My system is displaying an error message that I am unsure about, I’d like to check if this needs further investigation or not.
  • I’d like to arrange a time to have the latest update installed.
  • One of our users did not log out correctly and I’d like to have their logon reset.
  • I understand how to transaction match an Invoice against a Credit but can’t recall which menu option to use and would like to be pointed in the right direction.
  • I’m looking for a sales report that shows Invoices issued last month for all of my Trade Customers.
  • My system isn’t running as fast as it used to, and I’d like some general advice on things to look at to improve it.

Professional Services Examples

Professional Services involve working with features of the software and providing specific business advice and training, to help drive improvement in your organisation.

  • I would like a Foresiight consultant to make some layout changes to one of my Document Formats for me (Invoices, Quotes, Delivery Dockets, etc.).
  • I would like some training to learn how to use List & Label to customise my Document Formats myself.
  • My accountant has found some inaccuracies in my Trial Balance, I would like some help to review my General Ledger movement to find the source.
  • My local technician has installed a new computer for me and I need to connect it to ProfiitPlus/Alchemii and have the terminal settings configured.
  • I have purchased and installed a new label printer and would like to have it configured and my Label Formats customised to print correctly.
  • I am opening a new store and would like a consultant to undertake the setup for me and provide additional support services during the Go Live week.
  • My system isn’t running as fast as it used to and I’d like a consultant to do some investigation and offer specific advice on how it can be improved, or perform the recommended maintenance work for me.
  • I would like to extract some specific data into an Excel Spreadsheet for analysis and I need a consultant to write an SQL query for me.
  • I’d like to review my backups to ensure that the data is being stored correctly, or I am looking to implement a new backup solution.

These are just a few examples of Foresiight’s Professional Services – they are not included as part of Standard Support, but are available to help your business grow and become more profitable.

We hope that this helps to provide an understanding of how our services are classified.  Note that this is only a sample of the range of services that are available to help grow and improve your business.  Please call or email Foresiight if you would like a quote or some additional information on any of our Professional Services.