Four Benefits of Business Management Software for your Hardware Store

Hardware store owner

Foresiight has been helping small businesses across Australia for over 35 years. One industry we specialise in helping is hardware stores. 

There are many factors which go into running a successful hardware store, regardless of whether your store is entirely online or if it has a physical location. Having business management software that is customised for the hardware industry and integrates with your point of sale (POS) is a key element to success. That’s where ProfiitPlus comes in. Here are just four of the ways that our POS system can help your hardware store.

  1. Hardware and Software

When you get ProfiitPlus Foresiight provides you not only with the software necessary for your POS system, but with the hardware as well. With both aspects coming from us you can rest assured that your POS hardware and software will always be fully compatible with one another. You also have our guarantee that every part we send you will be thoroughly tested for quality before being shipped out.

2. A Centralised Solution

ProfiitPlus’ business management software does more than just POS. It also talks to every other system that goes into make a sale, and more than that, it even handles those duties for you too!

For example, every time a sale is made ProfiitPlus automatically updates your inventory records to ensure that they’re always completely accurate. When it detects that you’re running low on a particular product, it’ll also order more so that you’re never blindsided by being over or understocked on anything ever again.

By tracking the information behind each sale your store makes either online or in your physical store(s), ProfiitPlus will also handle accounting and make sure that your books always add up correctly. Then, with all this sales information, ProfiitPlus is also able to provide forecasting, analysing trends and data to provide you with strong recommendations and excellent advice on what your store needs in its near future.

3. More than Just POS

Why get a POS system that only handles tasks relating to sales when you could get business management software that also handles everything else you could possibly need as well? As business management software, ProfiitPlus can also help you look after your two most valuable assets: your customers and your staff.

Through its Customer Relationship (CRMs) functionality you can use ProfiitPlus to keep your customers engaged with your business through digital marketing campaigns, emails, and newsletters.

As for your staff, ProfiitPlus has everything you need to easily manage rosters, leave requests, payroll, scheduling, and training, to ensure that your team is always well looked after.

4. Automatic and Efficient

Everything ProfiitPlus does, it does automatically, quickly, and without human errors.

ProfiitPlus looks after your entire hardware store with just one, easy to use piece of business management software. With just a device and an internet connection, running your whole business is right there at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

And more!

The benefits of ProfiitPlus are far more than just the four listed here. If you’d like to find out more about how ProfiitPlus can help to build the success of your hardware store, then please get in touch with Foresiight today. Simply call us on 1800 061 670 or use our easy contact form, to tell us about your business.