Small Business Stock Control Importance

Foresiight has over 35 years of experience helping small business owners from across Australia with our Business Management Software. One way Foresiight’s software helps is by providing stock control, taking all the hard work out of one of the most time consuming aspects of business management.

Foresiight provides a range of Business Management Software solutions with industry customisations. With Alchemii for pharmacies, Liinc, and our flagship software ProfiitPlus, we provide not only stock control but also everything you need to run your small business.  

Taking Control of Your Stock

Whatever your business, ProfiitPlus does everything required to manage all aspects of your stock control. All you need is a device and an internet connection, and our Business Management Software can help you with the following areas of inventory management:

Updating Records: For every purchase made, whether it’s in store or via your website (or other online sales channel), ProfiitPlus automatically tracks sales and updates your stock levels to ensure they’re completely accurate.

Purchasing: Once ProfiitPlus has updated your stock records it will also automatically detect if you are running low on a product and purchase more stock when necessary. This guarantees you’re never over or understocked on anything.

Price Adjusting: Prices regularly need to be updated for various of reasons, including sales, tax, shipping costs, or commission. Whenever you need to change a price ProfiitPlus will make all the necessary updates at once, saving you the time and hassle of doing it manually.

The Benefits of ProfiitPlus Business Management Software

ProfiitPlus does more than just manage stock. Everything you need to manage your business can be done with just one handy piece of Business Management Software. ProfiitPlus also handles accounting, staff management, point of sales systems, CRMs, and even more. All this functionality provides numerous advantages to your business, including:

  1. Automation

Changes made by ProfiitPlus to your stock’s records or pricing are all handled automatically. Making small business stock control efficient and saving you time and resource better spent elsewhere.

2. Centralisation

All the functions handled by ProfiitPlus are done with one simple piece of Business Management Software. No need to open one program for each facet of business management, simply run your whole company from a single digital location.

3. Forecasting

Managing and tracking stock allows ProfiitPlus to gather data on sales and purchasing trends. This lets our Business Management Software make predictions and recommendations on which products you may need more of and helps you prepare for upcoming changes caused by sales, holiday periods, or other similar events.

What Makes Foresiight the Perfect Choice

Small business owners have plenty of options when it comes to choosing Business Management Software for their organisation. Many of these products only cater to particular industries or only handle one specific aspect of business management. ProfiitPlus has a wide range of industry customisations from tools and industrial, to hardware, automotive and marine, safety and workwear and more.

We also support every customer, whether you’ve just signed up or have been with us for years. We’re here help those who are considering getting ProfiitPlus for the very first time. Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us using the details below, or by the your relevant industry contact form, and a member of our friendly support team will quickly be in touch.

Contact Foresiight Today

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