Inventory Tracking and Stock Control Software for Small Businesses

Here at Foresiight, we’ve been helping small businesses from across Australia for over 35 years with our business management and stock control software solutions. There are a wide range of specialised industries we support with our software, including our flagship product ProfiitPlus. No one knows better than us the amount of hard work that goes into running any kind of small business.

Whatever it is your small business does, whatever industry you’re in, one thing you need to take particular care with is your inventory tracking and stock control. Your product is the lifeblood of your company, and one little mistake with your stock can upend your records and throw your whole system out of order, requiring you to spend a ridiculous amount of time and money putting everything back in its place.

With Foresiight’s business management software, your inventory tracking and stock control can be made quicker and easier. Here are just four of the ways that we can help your business in this area, just like how we’ve helped so many others.

Automatic Ordering

Normally you have to order new stock manually. This also means that you need to update your inventory each time you make a sale and check these records regularly so that you know what you need to order for next time.

Not with ProfiitPlus. Our business management software is automatic, and whenever it detects that you’re running low on something it’ll order more for you. No input from you required. No more checking your inventory manually and finding yourself unexpectedly understocked on any product ever again.

Automatic Tracking

ProfiitPlus doesn’t just order new stock for you; with each sale made it updates your inventory records as well. You can rest assured that with ProfiitPlus your inventory records will always completely up-to-date and accurate.

Then, when it comes time for you to do stocktake, your job is all but already done for you! Check just once and you’ll see for yourself that ProfiitPlus has recorded your inventory numbers perfectly.

Forecasting Your Future Inventory Needs

ProfiitPlus automatically records your sales, updates your inventory, and orders more stock, but that’s far from all it does. As our business management software updates your data, it also puts it to use in a revolutionary way!

With your inventory data, ProfiitPlus is able to calculate trends, make predictions, and offer you sound advice on what your business will need in the near future. Forecasting your inventory needs, ProfiitPlus can let you know what’s going to be popular, and ensure you order more of it in preparation for the impending rush. Try it for yourself and see just how accurate its advice is!

And so much more!

Whereas other inventory tracking software does only that, Foresiight’s business management software has a wider scope of functionality for an investment that suits SME budgets.

Don’t just get inventory management software when you could also get business management software that helps with inventory, accounting, staff rostering and management, point of sale hardware and software, and more. ProfiitPlus handles all these duties for you, and it does so all in the same digital place!

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