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Trading online?  ProfiitPlus offers an automated eCommerce interface with major eCommerce platforms.

You’ve built up your business, you have a strong brand, a good reputation and you sell great products.  Now you need another sales channel to take advantage of all that hard work and spread the word beyond your physical location.  eCommerce is the answer.

Grow your business with an online presence

Online sales are becoming an integral part of many traditional bricks and mortar businesses, but often this brings with it the burden of manually maintaining stock information and sales transactions across multiple systems.  An online sales channel should increase your revenue and customer base, not your work load!

ProfiitPlus (and Alchemii) business management software can be linked directly to your online store with our purpose-built eCommerce Interface module.  Automatically publish stock updates to your website including descriptions, pricing and inventory levels.  Once a customer makes a purchase online, a Web Order is automatically created in your ProfiitPlus system, ready for your staff to pack and send.  No more double handling of data – keep your inventory always up to date. And keep your customer sales history all in one place, no matter where they transacted – online or in store.

The eCommerce Interface add-on module has been built to integrate with two popular eCommerce Systems, Magento and Neto, giving you the freedom to choose the platform that best suits your business’ needs.

Magento is a mature eCommerce platform, used by a huge number of online businesses both in Australia and throughout the world. Magento Community Edition is open-source, meaning Web designers can implement the core system and then extend its functionality by writing custom modifications or adding plugins.  A marketplace is available with an enormous number of plugins and extensions, providing popular functionality such as Payment Gateways and Shipping Extensions.  Many integrations are also available for more specific features such as email marketing and social media.

The possibilities are endless with Magento, but this can come at a cost – the work involved to design and deploy a heavily customised Magento eCommerce system can be significant, so most Web Developers will tend to charge a little more than you might spend on some other more basic platforms.  Still, this is a great solution for established businesses looking to build upon an online sales platform that allows maximum flexibility, and is based on proven and widely-supported technology.

A commercial (non-open source) version of Magento is also available for businesses with even more advanced eCommerce requirements, typically larger groups and enterprises.

Neto differs significantly from many other platforms in that it is provided entirely as a Software-as-a-Service solution, meaning the eCommerce software environment is hosted on Neto’s own servers.  As a business using Neto, you pay a regular monthly subscription fee for the use of the software as well as the hosting and maintenance services.

The SaaS nature of the Neto product means that the time to get up and running can be very short indeed.  A sample site can be setup and launched in less than an hour, after completing just a few simple forms with some details about your business.

A number of modestly priced site templates are available “off the shelf”, providing a quick and easy way to apply some colour and an impressive look and feel to your site.  Of course, a polished and professional site will require some help from a specialist web designer.

The Neto Marketplace provides a host of optional add-on features such as payment gateways, marketing, analytics and shipping integrations.  Another key Neto feature is the eBay integration, allowing you to manage your eBay listings and Orders all from within the Neto ecosystem.  Both eBay Orders and Neto Orders flow in to ProfiitPlus via the eCommerce Interface module, combining with your traditional in-store and phone order sales to give you true multi-channel sales capability.

Whilst the Neto system is perhaps not quite as flexible as some others, it has more than enough features out of the box to suit most retail and wholesale businesses, and the list of core features and add-ons is growing constantly.  Another bonus is that you are dealing with an Australian business, developed and supported right here in Brisbane (just like Foresiight).  For these reasons and more, Neto has rapidly become one of the most popular eCommerce platform choices for Australian businesses.

Whatever your business requirements, wholesale (B2B) or retail (B2C) – there is a solution to suit. Talk to your Foresiight Support Consultant today if you would like to know more about how to get the most out of your online presence.

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