Protect Your Computers This Storm Season

UPS protects from power failures

Are your computers protected from the threat of power failures?

We all know that when a bad storm hits it can cause power failures, which means any electrical appliances that are not on backup power will stop working immediately. This can potentially be damaging to your computer equipment, and can even result in data loss.  Added to this is the problem of POS systems going offline, and the ensuing scramble to revert to manual systems.

All of this can cost your business a lot of money in terms of damaged equipment and lost revenue.

Using high quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment can help protect your Servers & Workstations against damage from unexpected power failures or unclean power. UPS devices provide constant power backup to your system, ensuring that there is no interruption during short power outages and brown-outs. In the case of a complete black-out, the right UPS will allow you sufficient time to shut down safely during longer power outages.

Importantly, a good UPS will also filter out bad power fluctuations, protection your equipment from serious damage.

It really is vital to have your power protection in place before the summer storms begin to hit.  Foresiight can get your systems UPS-protected from as little as $198.

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