System-wide Improvements Coming in v4.97

A broad range of features and enhancements have been introduced over the past couple of months and will be bundled into the upcoming v4.97 major release. Some sites may already have some of these features activated. Below is a small selection of highlights.

Selecting Active/Inactive Price Levels

The system supports up to 5 price levels (A-E). Unused Price Levels can now be disabled – for example, you may wish to only use Price Levels A, B, and C. The unused Price Levels will subsequently be disabled in many Stock Item screens throughout the system. To configure these options, go to Administration | System | System Defaults | Inventory | Price Levels. On a multi-store system, navigate to System | Edit Store Details | Defaults tab.

Paperless Office Documents available on Stock Items

Paperless Office has been extended for use in conjunction with Stock Items. This is available from Administration | Edit Stock Items and Display Item Details in other modules.

Notes Sub-system

The new Notes feature has been extended with some additional functionality. This commenting-style notes system is used on Customer records, Suppliers, Sales Documents, and other areas of the system. A new Search Notes button is now available in the header area. This enables searching through the body of all notes on the selected record. The new Notes system is now also available on Purchase Orders.

Highlighting of Grid Lines and Font Colour

Users can now set the colour of highlighted grid lines and the colour of the highlighted grid font, to suit their own preferences. This setting is available via Administration | System | Terminal Settings.