Still posting manually? Automate Tasks with ProfiitPlus

Automate Tasks in ProfiitPlus

It's time to Automate Tasks with ProfiitPlus

ProfiitPlus is able to automate a wide range of tasks to make your end of day processing trouble free.  There's no need to sit around waiting for sales to post, or manually posting banking batches to clearing accounts.  Using overnight posting and processing also relieves load on your network and databases and can eliminate posting errors that occur due to network drop outs.  Here are just some of the tasks that can be automated in ProfiitPlus:

  • Accumulation of Sales Data for Performance Monitor
  • Posting Sales Transactions by Store
  • Posting Banking Batches
  • Processing dispensary transactions to accounts (Alchemii Only)
  • Purging of Log File
  • Purging of Diagnostic Log File
  • Generic Exports - Allowing custom SQL queries to be run on schedule
  • Client/Server copy to Training (For Client/Server database setups only)

To find out more about automating your overnight tasks, contact support.