ProfiitPlus & Alchemii v4.98 Feature Highlights

Version 4.98 Features & Improvements

We have added some exciting new features to ProfiitPlus & Alchemii.  Browse some of the highlights below, or login to the Support Centre to read the complete release notes.

Bin/Shelf Location Management

In a previous version, we added a screen for maintenance of Bin/Shelf Location codes and names. This facility has now been extended to:

  • Include a “keyword” search for easier selection from a large list of Shelf Locations
  • Add (optional) dimension fields for each Shelf Location (Length / Width / Depth, and the resulting volume)
  • Allow the use of characters including the period (dot) character in the Shelf Code

Stock Maintenance

There is an existing feature in the stock system where a series of attributes such as shape, size, colours can be defined and used with Variant Item types. It has now been extended so it can also be used with standard Stock Items and Ratio Items.

A new housekeeping feature is now available to recalculate/update the current Reserved quantities for all Stock Items (i.e. the quantity currently on open Sales Orders / Backorders). This is accessed via Administration | System | Housekeeping | Recalculate Reserved Stock.

When the Display Item Details screen is first opened, it now responds more quickly by pre-loading data in the background. This will be particularly evident on systems with a lot of Stock Items.  Additionally, this screen now automatically saves and restores the user’s preferred form size and grid column widths each time it is opened.


Additional Stock Item details including Major Group, Product Group, Sub Group, and Attributes are now included in the Magento stock file integration.

A new feature has also been added to export all Stock Item images, for import into Magento.

Sales Orders Deposits

Deposits can now be applied to a Sales Backorder in the same manner as a Sales Order. Previously paid deposits can also be refunded off a Backorder by using the “Deposit” button and applying a negative amount. Backorder deposits will be included on the Deposits Held report. 

Compliance and Reporting

The system contains a Non-compliance Log, that records various non-compliant activities from the Cash Register module. This facility has been extended to also include non-compliant activities from the Sales Orders & Invoicing module that have been authorised by entry of a POS manager password.  It is good practice for a manager or system administrator to regularly review the Non-compliance Log.

The List of Quotes report will now display whether the quote was “won” or not, with additional filter options for “Won”, “Not Yet Won”, or “All”.


The Calculate Order Quantities feature has received a number of user interface improvements, along with additional confirmation dialogs, and an option to cancel during the calculation process.

The Auto Generate Purchase Orders facility has been updated to standardise the behaviour of the options around Min/Max reorder levels. A new option has also been introduced to select multiple Stock Locations to generate an Order against.

Purchase Orders are now locked while editing to prevent simultaneous modification by different users.

This release has improved the time it takes to process Stock Adjustment batches, particularly large batches generated following a full stocktake

Alternate Suppliers

There have been a series of changes to do with purchasing Stock Items from Alternate Suppliers. This extended XRef (cross-reference) feature now allows you to define differing purchase unit factors and minimum order quantities on an Item, per Supplier.

For example, you might nominate that you would buy from an Alternate Supplier as Box/100 instead of the usual Box/10 from the Preferred Supplier.


A change has been made to the construction of email headers to improve delivery rates to recipients, in particular to those with Gmail accounts.

There has also been an enhancement to the generation of the HTML email body to improve compatibility on some systems.

This is just a small selection from a big list of enhancements in this release. Remember to login to the Support Centre to check out all the release notes, and be sure to contact the Foresiight Support Team to have your update installed.