ProfiitPlus Advanced Promotions

Advanced Promotions


The supermarkets are often the leaders in retail trends and it has been some years since supermarkets began offering advanced multi-buy style promotions and many other retailers have followed. With "Buy one, get one half price" style promotions on every store window, if you're not keeping up you're often not viewed as providing value to your customers.  Customers are attracted to savings and multi buy savings drive purchasing that that may not occur otherwise.  The perceived value of these promotions is often irresistible for the consumer.

Advanced Promotions Overview


Creating a new promo is simple, just enter the description of the promotion and the dates the promo is applicable for.  An end date is not required if the promotion is permanent or ongoing.  You can customise this further and offer the promotion only to selected customer classes.  To facilitate the quick queuing and selecting of Shelf Talkers, select the default talker style for this promotion.

Advanced promotions in ProfiitPlus allow supermarket style promotions to be used with ease.  Compete against the big players with automated promotions and multi buys


advanced multi-buys


Advanced promotions can be found in the Advanced Multi-Buys tab in the promotions screen.

Advanced promotions in ProfiitPlus

A wide range of options are available for your multi-buy promotion, you the first is step is to select what item or items attract the discount, bonus or promotion.  You can select a single item, use Link Codes (link codes are setup on items individually and allow a group of items with no other common link to be grouped for promotion), select an entire product group or a sub group.  The above shows a specified item of a POS Printer.  The pricing specified for the single item indicates that if you buy two of this item you get a 10% discount.


Advanced promotions in ProfiitPlus

The above image shows a more advanced promotion where any product in a product group is purchased.  The promotion style allows the buyer to purchase two items in the consumables group and receive any 1 item in the same product group for a price of $6.

You can offer many styles of promotion, including buy one get one free, buy X for $X, buy an item and get something else for free.  The promotions are limited only by your imagination.


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