Extract Customer List


Exporting a customer list is a great way to send promotional material to your customers, or simply keep track of your customer database. It is also essential to building your brand and is a great tool to use to keep your customers informed of exclusive deals, product information and even run contests!

ProfiitPlus & Alchemii also includes functionality to send SMS or print customer delivery address labels from this part of the system.

To begin with, launch the Customer Relationship module.

Open the Extract Customer List feature

Reports | Extract Customer List

Make your selections

This will bring up the following screen, where you will have the option to apply some filters to determine which customers will be included in the output list.

There are a range of intelligent filters including Post Code range to target a particular geographic area, and Purchase History to target customers that haven’t shopped with you for a while, as an example.

Prepare the List

Once you have made all your selections, navigate to Review Settings and click Ok. The system will now process your selections, and output the results to a grid for you to review.

You’ll now have several options on what to do with the list of customer names, including exporting the email addresses to file (in a format suitable for Mailchimp and other similar platforms), or sending out a bulk SMS message.

Remember, as this data includes customer names and contact details, it is important to ensure that you are keeping that data safe and adhering to any relevant legislation relating to data protection.

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