Did You Know? Shelf Talkers

ProfiitPlus Tip of the Month

So now you’re all over the Advanced Promotions and standard promotions and everything is on sale.  So you can write signs to show things are discounted, sitting down all night with your paper and a marker, or you can print professional quality shelf talkers directly from ProfiitPlus!

Creating your talker

In Administration – go to Stock | Manage Promotions | Shelf Talker Display/Designer to view existing talkers and add new designs.  Note that it is recommended that you start from a template if you have one installed already.  Creating designs from scratch will require some skill in document designer.  Shelf talker preformatted designs are available from $220 inc GST.  To add a talker, click the Add button and give the talker style a unique code – you can just use sequential numbers or you can use other naming conventions, eg. size – A4, C6, etc.  Click OK and enter a description for the Shelf Talker and click the Designer button.  The wizard will be shown where you can choose the default printer for the design, select the printer and click Next.  On the next screen you will see a large number of template sizes for Avery media.  You can select one of these paper sizes or click (user-defined) at the top of the list and click Next.  If you selected User Defined, you will need to enter the page, column, margin, etc. settings:

Shelf Talker Designer - Specify Media Size

Get out your trusty ruler and measure your media, or determine your preferred size for the document.  If you are using an A4 sheet, you can halve or quarter this and enter the number across and down in the “Number” settings.  Click “Next” and note how many shelf talkers are to print per page.  Your label editing screen will show a box with “Double-Click here to fill the label with data” – you can double click on this box and delete the sample line.  Click the New Paragraph button – if you simply want to type text you can type the text in double quotes, or go to the “Text” tab and enter your text, press Line Feed to create a new line.  When your text looks how you want it, simply click the insert button to format it for the designer.  Click OK to go back to the previous screen and format your paragraph or add another.

Shelf Talker Design


Add another paragraph and in the Variables/Fields box, expand “Variables” to see a list of all ProfiitPlus fields available in the Design.  You will find a large number of fields, including stock and shelf information, standard and promotional pricing, start and finish dates and all of the complexities included in the Advanced Promotion Setup.  Simply double click any of these fields/variables to add them to the design.  You can add Text first by going to the text tab, then add a variable at the end of it.  Click OK to return to the paragraph properties screen.  You can now select the lines individually to apply custom formatting to each of the lines or change the justification/layout.

Shelf Talker Fields

On the right hand column you will see the properties of each field.  You can go through each of these and change font colours, sizes, justification, frames and more.  You can wrap text so it doesn’t get truncated at the end of each line, or set appearance conditions and conditional formatting, which is recommended only for advanced users.  Set your formatting as required for each line added to the paragraph.  Once complete you can click and drag the edges of the text box to resize it, hold and drag to move it, etc.  You can add images by clicking the “Picture” button and dragging your mouse to indicate the size and placement of the image.  Browse for the file and click Ok.

Shelf Talker

Happy with your designer?  Click save to save the layout and close the designer if you’re happy.  You can now specify the shelf talker code in the individual promotions and/or promo lines on your sale.  Not happy?  You can continue to make changes to the design or contact Foresiight to discuss a custom shelf talker to suit your store layout/business.