Did You Know? ProfiitPlus Integrated SMS Functionality

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Have you used the ProfiitPlus integrated SMS features?  With no fee for the licence or setup and a small charge per message, you can keep your customers up-to-date on the progress of orders, jobs and more.  Read more below on how you can utilise the SMS functionality of ProfiitPlus:

Status Code Setup

The most powerful feature to utilise integrated SMS is the Status Codes on Sales Documents.  You can setup status codes to text predefined messages to the customer, to keep them updated on the progress of their sale.  Go to Sales Orders & Invoicing | Sales | Settings | Enter/Edit Status Codes.  Select your status code to modify the SMS text and flag for an operator prompt:

Status Codes
Sending an SMS from the Sales Screen

Whether you are invoicing through Customer Relationship Module or Sales & Invoicing, you can utilise the SMS prompts on sales documents when setting or changing a document status.

Start your sale as normal and proceed to the Header Tab of your sales document.

ProfiitPlus SMS from Sales

Select your contact from the drop down list where applicable - this will allow SMS messages to be sent to the contact's mobile phone number instead of the primary customer mobile number.  Select your status from the "Status" drop down box.  If you have a predefined status setup (per above) you will automatically be prompted to send an SMS with a prefilled message, which you can review and edit before sending.

If you haven't set predefined messages, you can simply click the "SMS" button beside the status at any time to send a message to the account or contact mobile number.  If a mobile number doesn't exist for the customer or contact, you will be prompted to enter one before typing your message.

SMS Text

Enter your text message in the dialogue box and note the number of available characters at the bottom of the screen.  When you exceed the length of a single message your message will be charged as multiple messages.  Note that your message must include an Opt-Out message, so this can not be removed.

Click OK to send your message.

Making the most of SMS

There are a number of other areas that you can send an SMS from within ProfiitPlus, including the CRM Customer List and Contact Screens, the Administration Customer List, the Customer List view from the main screen of ProfiitPlus, Loyalty Modules & More.  If you are licensed for Customer Relationship Module you can also send targeted SMS campaigns to your customers.

Email us today to have your FREE SMS Licence activated or Login to the support center to view user guides and submit a Support Request.

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