Did You Know? Freight Tracking

ProfiitPlus contains a nifty Freight Tracking facility.  When goods are dispatched, the operator can record the consignment note or tracking number against the Sales Invoice for later reference.  You can also provide a link to quickly view delivery status on the Freight Provider’s tracking website.

To set this up in your system, open the Administration module and go to System | Sales Setup | Freight Tracking

From here, you can add your freight companies and configure their respective URL’s for tracking.

Once this has been set up, you will see a freight tracking button under the Heading Detail tab when creating or editing a Sales Invoice.  It’s now a case of simply clicking the Add button to record a new consignment note after selecting the Freight Company from the list.  You can add as many freight lines as you need against each Invoice, so split-shipments are not a problem.

To check the status of a delivery, select your Invoice from the List Open Documents lookup, go to the Freight Tracking feature, select a consignment line, and click the Check Progress button.  This will launch the freight provider’s website and, if configured correctly, take you directly to the tracking page for the selected delivery.

The freight details you have entered are also available for inclusion on printed and emailed sales documents.  Contact your Foresiight support consultant today for more info!

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