Know Your Backup


How Well Do You Know Your Backup Routine?

Many small business owners are not aware that they are not sufficiently protecting their business against data loss.  Simply backing up your data isn’t enough – do you review and monitor your backups and take a backup off site?

A good functioning backup allows a company to have piece of mind. It’s important to know you are protected not only when a malicious attack happens to the computer network, but also when a file is accidentally deleted or modified. A good working backup allows you to be up and running again with minimal downtime.

It is recommended that you not only perform your backup on a daily basis, but keep multiple versions of these backups. This will ensure that you can restore not only the file from the previous backup, but also an earlier version if required.

Backups should not remain in the same building as the data they are backing up. Your backup should be taken offsite, either by means of cloud hosted storage, or external drive/tape backups.

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