Are you ready for June 30?


Our support team has compiled a quick list of must-do items, reports and checks to ensure you don't look back in coming months and realise you missed an important end of year step!

Things you can do NOW:

Run AR & AP reconciliation reports - Check these with the GL Balance and ensure that you are in Balance.  If there is an imbalance between AR/AP and your General Ledger Control accounts, seek assistance straight away.  You can contact your accountant for advice, or book some consultancy time with our accounting specialists
Run AR/AP Sub Ledger Verification Reports - This is located in General Ledger | Reports and ensures that all batches posted from AP and AR have made it into your General Ledger.  As above, if you find an error here, seek advice asap or book a consultancy session
Run Trial balance and ensure the movement columns balance - If an end of year close hasn't been performed for the previous year, there can be an imbalance in the total columns, but your debit and credit movement columns should always balance.  Seek specialist advise if this is not the case
Check Stock Valuation matches the GL Stock account - If you have been adjusting average stock values throughout the year and not adjusting the General Ledger to reflect this, you may need to do some end of year journals to bring this valuation back inline
Post all sales and purchase invoices - Ensure that all invoices are posted to AR and AP where possible.  If overnight posting is active you can let this run, or you can manually post sales so you can take your backup for the end of year

Tasks to complete ON June 30

At the close of business, post all sales and purchase invoices where possible.  If you have overnight posting, ensure that you are able to take a backup after posting before trade starts for July 1.  You can manually post in Sales Orders & Invoicing | Sales | Update Sales & Payments
Run your AR and AP Aged Balances Reports - These reports can't be printed retrospectively so if you need these reports for your accountant, run them now - note that you can save them to PDF, Excel or Text for future use. Note that it is a good idea to be doing this on a monthly basis in case you need to refer to previous month's reports.
If you are performing a stocktake, ensure this is done and posted to the correct GL period prior to closing your GL Periods
Update your AR Period - if your stock invoices have been entered for June, you can also update your AP period, you can manually change the period on single invoices in Stock Receipting.  NOTE that you may need to open the 2018 financial year - just go to General Ledger | Periods | Open/Close Financial Periods and in the box in the lower right corner type 18 and click OK
TAKE A BACKUP!  It is best to take a full backup of your data as at 30 June in case this is needed down the track.  It may also be a good time to copy to the training system, just in case you've forgotten to run any reports. You can copy to training in Administration | Other |
Copy to Training System

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