Did You Know?  ProfiitPlus Integrated SMS Functionality

Did You Know? ProfiitPlus Integrated SMS Functionality

SMS Key features

SMS is a great way to keep in touch with customers (and sometimes even suppliers). ProfiitPlus/Alchemii includes functionality to send SMS messages from various parts of the system.

Before using SMS you need to register your system – please contact Foresiight Support and we can help set this up for you.

There are a number of areas that you can send an SMS from:

• Your Customer List in the CRM module

• The Sales Entry screen – when you update the status of a transaction (e.g. ready for pickup)

• The bulk marketing facility in CRM

• Loyalty module & more.

Email or phone Foresiight on (07) 3356 2772 to get connected today.

Status Code Setup

One of the most powerful ways to utilise integrated SMS is the Status Codes on Sales Documents.  You can setup status codes to text predefined messages to the customer, to keep them updated on the progress of their sale.  Go to Sales Orders & Invoicing | Sales | Settings | Enter/Edit Status Codes.  Select your status code to modify the SMS text and flag for an operator prompt:

Status Codes
Sending an SMS from the Sales Screen

Whether you are invoicing through Customer Relationship Module or Sales & Invoicing, you can utilise the SMS prompts on sales documents when setting or changing a document status.

Start your sale as normal and proceed to the Header Tab of your sales document.

ProfiitPlus SMS from Sales

Select your contact from the drop down list where applicable – this will allow SMS messages to be sent to the individual Contact’s mobile phone number instead of the primary customer mobile number.  Select your status from the “Status” drop down box.

If you have a predefined status setup (per above) you will automatically be prompted to send an SMS with a prefilled message, which you can review and edit before sending.

If you haven’t set predefined messages, you can simply click the “SMS” button beside the status at any time to send a custom message to the account or contact mobile number.

SMS Text

Enter your text message in the dialogue box and note the number of available characters at the bottom of the screen.  Note that your message must include an Opt-Out message, so this can not be removed.

Click OK to send your message.

Fore more information Email or phone Foresiight today on (07) 3356 2772 to find out more.

It’s easy to get started, and the only cost is for the SMS messages that you utilise.

Did You Know? Add & Editing Users

Did You Know? Add & Editing Users

Maintaining Users

Maintaining User permissions in ProfiitPlus or Alchemii is quick and easy. Review your system today to ensure your Users have access to just the functions that are applicable to their role.

Navigate to Administration | System | User Menu Options (Access)

Setting Up Users

Click the Add button to add a new user. 

Enter a new username and password in the empty fields provided. You can also force the User to change password on next login by ticking the checkbox.

You can copy permissions from an existing User, by simply choosing the appropriate User from the Select User Name to Copy Permissions From drop-down and clicking Copy Permissions.

If you want the User to have access to change datasets via the Main Menu, then tick the Allow change of dataset (Business) options. This allows the User to change businesses or switch to the training system.

To make the User an Administrator, tick the box Operator is System Administrator.

It is recommended that only one or two Users be made Administrators within any business.


There is an option to show the dashboard on the main menu for the User. For each User, you can opt to display Sales Data only, or All Data which includes account balances. Alternatively, you can set the option to No which will not show the dashboard at all.

The Access Level option is used in conjunction with Customise Options to hide/display some information, such as cost prices. If you have this option enabled, set the Access Level for each User to suit the setting in your Customise Options (found in Administration | System | Customise).

Password reset

You can also reset a password for a User by pressing the Reset Password button. You will be prompted to enter a new password for the selected User.

The Menu Map button allows you to print all of the modules currently licenced in your system. This will give you a guide on what the User can access.

The Cleanup button runs a quick check within the system to see if any modules have changed or don’t exist anymore. This runs the process for every User in your list.

Choosing Modules for each User

By clicking on a User and then the Modules tab, you will be able to select which parts of the system you want this User to have access to. Each module is listed on the left hand side, with each menu option within that module listed to the right.

You can turn on everything for one module by unticking that module, then ticking it.

To save time when adding Administrator Users who have access to all functions, you can click on the Set All button which will tick every option for that User. You can also hit the Clear All button which will untick everything.

The recommended process for “normal” Users (i.e. not Administrators), is to first use the Clear All button, then selectively switch on just the functions that they will need.

Setup User Email (Optional)

You can setup email addresses associated with a username if you choose to do so. You will need to enter your mail server details as well as the User’s email details.

Please note: You might need to add authentication details to connect to your email provider.

These details will be used as per your system choices in Administration | System | Communication Settings | Host Email Settings. Each option that has the User box ticked will use these User Email settings, in preference to the system-wide email address.

Deleting a User

To delete a User, select the User from the list and click the Delete button. That User will no longer be able to log in to the system.

Automate your online business with Foresiight

Automate your online business with Foresiight

Trading online?  ProfiitPlus offers an automated eCommerce interface with major eCommerce platforms.

You’ve built up your business, you have a strong brand, a good reputation and you sell great products.  Now you need another sales channel to take advantage of all that hard work and spread the word beyond your physical location.  eCommerce is the answer.

Grow your business with an online presence

Online sales are becoming an integral part of many traditional bricks and mortar businesses, but often this brings with it the burden of manually maintaining stock information and sales transactions across multiple systems.  An online sales channel should increase your revenue and customer base, not your work load!

ProfiitPlus (and Alchemii) business management software can be linked directly to your online store with our purpose-built eCommerce Interface module.  Automatically publish stock updates to your website including descriptions, pricing and inventory levels.  Once a customer makes a purchase online, a Web Order is automatically created in your ProfiitPlus system, ready for your staff to pack and send.  No more double handling of data – keep your inventory always up to date. And keep your customer sales history all in one place, no matter where they transacted – online or in store.

The eCommerce Interface add-on module has been built to integrate with two popular eCommerce Systems, Magento and Neto, giving you the freedom to choose the platform that best suits your business’ needs.

Magento is a mature eCommerce platform, used by a huge number of online businesses both in Australia and throughout the world. Magento Community Edition is open-source, meaning Web designers can implement the core system and then extend its functionality by writing custom modifications or adding plugins.  A marketplace is available with an enormous number of plugins and extensions, providing popular functionality such as Payment Gateways and Shipping Extensions.  Many integrations are also available for more specific features such as email marketing and social media.

The possibilities are endless with Magento, but this can come at a cost – the work involved to design and deploy a heavily customised Magento eCommerce system can be significant, so most Web Developers will tend to charge a little more than you might spend on some other more basic platforms.  Still, this is a great solution for established businesses looking to build upon an online sales platform that allows maximum flexibility, and is based on proven and widely-supported technology.

A commercial (non-open source) version of Magento is also available for businesses with even more advanced eCommerce requirements, typically larger groups and enterprises.

Neto differs significantly from many other platforms in that it is provided entirely as a Software-as-a-Service solution, meaning the eCommerce software environment is hosted on Neto’s own servers.  As a business using Neto, you pay a regular monthly subscription fee for the use of the software as well as the hosting and maintenance services.

The SaaS nature of the Neto product means that the time to get up and running can be very short indeed.  A sample site can be setup and launched in less than an hour, after completing just a few simple forms with some details about your business.

A number of modestly priced site templates are available “off the shelf”, providing a quick and easy way to apply some colour and an impressive look and feel to your site.  Of course, a polished and professional site will require some help from a specialist web designer.

The Neto Marketplace provides a host of optional add-on features such as payment gateways, marketing, analytics and shipping integrations.  Another key Neto feature is the eBay integration, allowing you to manage your eBay listings and Orders all from within the Neto ecosystem.  Both eBay Orders and Neto Orders flow in to ProfiitPlus via the eCommerce Interface module, combining with your traditional in-store and phone order sales to give you true multi-channel sales capability.

Whilst the Neto system is perhaps not quite as flexible as some others, it has more than enough features out of the box to suit most retail and wholesale businesses, and the list of core features and add-ons is growing constantly.  Another bonus is that you are dealing with an Australian business, developed and supported right here in Brisbane (just like Foresiight).  For these reasons and more, Neto has rapidly become one of the most popular eCommerce platform choices for Australian businesses.

Whatever your business requirements, wholesale (B2B) or retail (B2C) – there is a solution to suit. Talk to your Foresiight Support Consultant today if you would like to know more about how to get the most out of your online presence.

Contact Us today for more information!






Annual Support – What it really means to you

Annual Support – What it really means to you


Do you know the benefits of maintaining your ProfiitPlus or Alchemii Support Agreement?

ProfiitPlus, Alchemii, StockMate, and JobMate together make up a comprehensive Business Management System – this really is a huge software suite with a lot of modules, add-on’s, and customisable features – designed to suit a wide variety of industries.  Understanding how to get the best out of this system, and using it to drive your business ahead, is something that takes time.

With your Software Support Agreement, you have a group of locally based experts waiting to assist you with your questions.  Whether it’s simply not knowing where to perform a task, looking for some advice on reporting, or changing configuration settings – most of your support questions can be answered either immediately or within a short period of time.

As you would be aware, not every computer or application runs smoothly 100% of the time.  With wired and wireless networks, a wide range of Server and workstation Operating Systems and storage devices as well as as a mixture of LAN, WAN and VPN connections, something, somewhere is bound to go wrong at some point in time.  But when it does, we are here to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

As a registered Support customer, you are also entitled to priority Support Services and discounted rates on training sessions and Technical Services.  Support customers also have access to our online Support Centre, with a large assortment of User Guides, Release Notes, and other useful documentation.  If you are not already making use of our Support Centre, you’re missing out!  Please contact us immediately to request access.

In addition to the support services you receive as part of your annual support fee, you are also entitled to a minimum of two upgrades per support year, installed for you by our team during business hours free of charge.

Our regular software release cycle means that a large number of new features, enhancement requests and bug fixes are released each month.  So how can you stay on top of these new features and ensure your system is not left behind?  Regularly catch up on the Release Notes in your Support Centre (http://www.ppsupport.com.au) and if something grabs your attention, just drop us a support ticket to book your upgrade!  In coming months we will also be extending our emails to include regular release notifications and feature highlights.

Thanks for being a valued Foresiight customer, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Did You Know?  Browse Email Log

Did You Know? Browse Email Log

ProfiitPlus Tip of the Month

Would you like to check if your emails are being sent out of ProfiitPlus successfully? Well did you know you can do this in the system.

We have a Browse email log and correspondence feature in the ProfiitPlus System.

You can view the email log by going to the following:


In Browse Email Log you see what emails have been sent or undelivered. Under status your emails will either show a green S (sent) or a yellow U (undelivered).


You can also re-send an email from Browse Email Log, plus there is the option to purge old email log entries

all email log entries.

You can view the email log for a particular customer by going to the correspondence tab:


In your customers box you will see a correspondence tab near the top right corner.

This will show you the email log for an individual customer.


Did You Know?  Shelf Talkers

Did You Know? Shelf Talkers

ProfiitPlus Tip of the Month

So now you’re all over the Advanced Promotions and standard promotions and everything is on sale.  So you can write signs to show things are discounted, sitting down all night with your paper and a marker, or you can print professional quality shelf talkers directly from ProfiitPlus!

Creating your talker

In Administration – go to Stock | Manage Promotions | Shelf Talker Display/Designer to view existing talkers and add new designs.  Note that it is recommended that you start from a template if you have one installed already.  Creating designs from scratch will require some skill in document designer.  Shelf talker preformatted designs are available from $220 inc GST.  To add a talker, click the Add button and give the talker style a unique code – you can just use sequential numbers or you can use other naming conventions, eg. size – A4, C6, etc.  Click OK and enter a description for the Shelf Talker and click the Designer button.  The wizard will be shown where you can choose the default printer for the design, select the printer and click Next.  On the next screen you will see a large number of template sizes for Avery media.  You can select one of these paper sizes or click (user-defined) at the top of the list and click Next.  If you selected User Defined, you will need to enter the page, column, margin, etc. settings:

Shelf Talker Designer - Specify Media Size

Get out your trusty ruler and measure your media, or determine your preferred size for the document.  If you are using an A4 sheet, you can halve or quarter this and enter the number across and down in the “Number” settings.  Click “Next” and note how many shelf talkers are to print per page.  Your label editing screen will show a box with “Double-Click here to fill the label with data” – you can double click on this box and delete the sample line.  Click the New Paragraph button – if you simply want to type text you can type the text in double quotes, or go to the “Text” tab and enter your text, press Line Feed to create a new line.  When your text looks how you want it, simply click the insert button to format it for the designer.  Click OK to go back to the previous screen and format your paragraph or add another.

Shelf Talker Design


Add another paragraph and in the Variables/Fields box, expand “Variables” to see a list of all ProfiitPlus fields available in the Design.  You will find a large number of fields, including stock and shelf information, standard and promotional pricing, start and finish dates and all of the complexities included in the Advanced Promotion Setup.  Simply double click any of these fields/variables to add them to the design.  You can add Text first by going to the text tab, then add a variable at the end of it.  Click OK to return to the paragraph properties screen.  You can now select the lines individually to apply custom formatting to each of the lines or change the justification/layout.

Shelf Talker Fields

On the right hand column you will see the properties of each field.  You can go through each of these and change font colours, sizes, justification, frames and more.  You can wrap text so it doesn’t get truncated at the end of each line, or set appearance conditions and conditional formatting, which is recommended only for advanced users.  Set your formatting as required for each line added to the paragraph.  Once complete you can click and drag the edges of the text box to resize it, hold and drag to move it, etc.  You can add images by clicking the “Picture” button and dragging your mouse to indicate the size and placement of the image.  Browse for the file and click Ok.

Shelf Talker

Happy with your designer?  Click save to save the layout and close the designer if you’re happy.  You can now specify the shelf talker code in the individual promotions and/or promo lines on your sale.  Not happy?  You can continue to make changes to the design or contact Foresiight to discuss a custom shelf talker to suit your store layout/business.