Review Your Backup – It’s not a “Set & Forget” Process

Have you checked your backups lately?

It is important to remember to review your backup regularly.  Backups are not a set-and-forget solution and they need to be continually monitored and tested to ensure that your data is being backed up correctly.  Assuming your backup is being successfully completed can lead to disaster when you least expect it.

One of the many reasons you may need to review your backup is if your system has recently been changed from “Desktop” database mode to “Client-Server” database mode.  If you are not doing a full backup and are backing up only your ProfiitPlus data folders then there is a likelihood that your data may inadvertently be missed from your daily backup.

When using "Client-Server" mode there is a high likelihood that the physical disk location of your data has also changed.  It is vital that you ensure, therefore, that the correct folders are included in your daily backup.  Whilst a daily backup need only consist of your data files, a regular backup of your entire ProfiitPlus folder will ensure your system can be restored quickly and easily, with minimal downtime.  Remember to take a backup offsite or invest in a remote backup service.

Some popular backup applications include:

If you aren’t sure, give Foresiight a call today – we are always happy to offer advice on backup solutions.