Why small businesses are choosing wholesale inventory software

If you are a small to medium sized wholesale business, starting your research into wholesale inventory software, you may well be wondering if it’s worth the investment. Firstly, the investment is probably less than you’re expecting, if you find the right wholesale inventory software priced for a small business budget. Secondly, you will experience many benefits in the way that your business operates and performs that will increase your profit margins and help to future proof your wholesale business. This means that over time, you will see the return on your investment and more.

Here’s how.

Take control of your business

The right wholesale inventory software won’t just give you control over your stock. It will integrate your financial, logistical and administrative business processes into one single, easy-to-use system, giving you the control you need to successfully manage your business.

Optimise your margins

An integrated solution for finances, logistics and administration is the basis for maximum performance so that as well as having control over all aspects of business operations, you will benefit from optimum margins.

Integrate your ordering

Integrate your ordering and inventory management with your stock automatically processed for its financial value and included on your balance sheet. Giving you accurate, real-time information into your entire supply chain.  

Optimise your stock levels

With the right wholesale inventory software you will gain full control over your stock. You will be able to set minimum and maximum stock levels and order times based on historical  seasonal trends.

e-commerce integration

Online orders are becoming an integral part of business but this can bring with it the burden of maintaining stock information and orders across multiple systems.  Online ordering should increase your revenue and reduce your work load not make things more difficult. The right wholesale inventory software will fully integrate online ordering with your wholesale operations.

Accurate data

Say goodbye to manual data entry and the inaccuracies that come with it. See your business insights in real-time so that business decisions can be made on the fly based on the right information.

Increase your market share

Wholesale inventory software gives you the tools you need for exceptional business performance. With real-time insights into your purchasing and sales figures and the efficiency of your warehouse and all the information you need for accurate and prompt delivery, you will gain a competitive edge in your market place.

Increase customer satisfaction

With all in one business management software you will gain direct access to all your businesses essential information, including your latest figures, inventory positions, cash flow and margins. Empowering you to deliver the services that your customers expect and more.

Manage multiple locations

Manage multiple warehouses and locations from wherever you need to. You’ll no longer need to be in any given location to get a full understanding of what’s going on with your stock with all of your sites integrated into one system.

Further information

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