Why business management software has never been more relevant for Australian small business

There is no doubt that these rapidly changing times present many challenges for small businesses throughout Australia. At the time of writing this article metropolitan Melbourne has been locked down for a week (for the second time) leaving many small business owners unable to operate out of their bricks and mortar stores. While in NSW and Queensland, earlier optimism is fading as we face more uncertain times.

Something that has enabled Australian small business to adapt quickly and survive is the right business management software. All in one business management software has never been more relevant for small business and here’s why.

Get online

This is a big one. With bricks and mortar stores either closed or open with strict measures in place such as limited customer capacity, small businesses need to be online. It’s no longer a “nice to have” it’s a “must-have” and for many small businesses it’s critical to survival. Simply having online store isn’t enough either, if online operations are inefficient and require unnecessary resources to manage this will be costing your business.

Operating an online store can  bring with it the burden of manually maintaining stock information and sales transactions in multiple systems.  Your online store needs to increase your revenue not your workload.

Your online store needs to work for you in the following ways:

  • • Automatically publish stock information to your website including descriptions, photos, pricing and stock levels
  • • Automated web ordering is created in your ProfiitPlus system, ready for your staff to pack and send
  • • No more double handling of data – keep your inventory up to date and keep your customer accounts and purchasing history in one place.

Manage your business from anywhere

The second key benefit of business management software for small business in Australia is that you can effectively management your business from anywhere, at any time. That means, from home during lockdown or periods where it is recommended to work from home if possible.  

You can achieve all of the following remotely from any location:

  • • Small business stock control – through automated ordering and integration with your sales channels
  • • Full integration – across business operations and multiple locations
  • • Business analytics – access accurate data and real time insights to drive smart business decisions

Is it time to invest in Business Management software?

Our simple checklist will help you to review where you’re at with business operations and whether it’s time to invest in business management software.

  • • Are you relying on manual data entry to manage business processes?
  • • Do you use spreadsheets to manage your stock?
  • • Is your point of sale managed separately to your accounts and stock operations?
  • • Are you forced to operate out of a physical location for your business to survive?
  • • Are entering the same data into multiple systems?
  • • Are you unable to step away from the day to day running of your business?
  • • Do you feel that you need to “micro-manage” business processes?
  • • Are you struggling to digitise your business and integrate online sales?
  • • Does the closing of your physical location(s) have a devastating impact on your bottom line?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions then it’s time to invest in the right business management software solution for your Australian business. Future proof your business with Foresiight’s leading software for Australian small business ProfiitPlus.

Why choose ProfiitPlus?

All in one solution

  • • One centralised database that integrates across point of sale, stock inventory and accounting
  • • Track transactions from initial entry of sale all the way through to your profit and loss statement
  • • Reduce data errors and save time as there is no manual entry of data
  • • Track information by store, region, state or individual team member
  • • Manage multiple stores with a one single and efficient interface

Point of sale interface

  • • Quick and efficient touch screen interface
  • • Apply discounted promotional pricing
  • • Security with Store Manager and Head Office override passwords
  • • Improve your customer experience with account retrieval and membership renewal
  • • Prepare and manage invoices, orders and quotes from one screen
  • • Easily record layby products by customer, record payment and set reminders

Real-time data

  • • View up to date data in your chosen format
  • • Enter a transaction at point of sale and stock levels, sales reports and accounting reports update instantly
  • • Real time information provided to all levels of your business
  • • Monitor performance across multiple POS terminals with instant reports

Stock Management

  • • Manage stock across multiple regions or stores
  • • Option to designate multiple stock areas eg. warehouse, retail floor, aisle number
  • • Replenish orders for dispensed stock
  • • Order suggestions based on sales figures, stock holding and projected sales
  • • Generate orders based on minimums and maximums
  • • Order from hand-held scanning terminals
  • • Central warehouse and distribution facilities


  • • In-built general ledger accounting system runs from the same database as the POS system
  • • No more entering data into multiple systems
  • • Live profit and loss balance sheet
  • • Complete budgeting and analysis features
  • • Lockable and unlockable financial periods
  • • See previous year’s financial data for year on year comparison
  • • Audit at transaction level
  • • Link to external payroll systems

Performance monitoring

  • • Track and analyse performance by store, individual team member and sales channel
  • • Set targets for stores and staff
  • • Track average value per transaction and average number of units per sale

Further information

Chat to one of our team of business consultants today about how ProfiitPlus can help you through these challenging times and future proof your business. Call us on 1800 061 670 or complete our simple enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.