Small business ERP software to grow your business

For many small businesses, the systems and processes that they use as start-ups have a limited life span. They can even hinder growth as the business moves out of its start-up phase. This is especially  true for business processes and highlights the need for small business ERP software.

Most start-ups have limited funds and investing in small business ERP software initially is out of the question. Therefore, processes are mostly manual and often rely on spreadsheets, isolated accounting software (if software is in place at all) and plenty of double entering data into separate systems that don’t talk to each other.

As a start-up these things are manageable (or at least they are unavoidable due to very limited funds) but as a business owner it’s advisable to be quick to recognise when you’ve outgrown your start-up operations.

In doing this, you’ve already taken two important steps. The first, acknowledging that your start-up systems are limiting the growth of your business. The second, is committing to growing your business rather than sticking with the status quo.

So what should you do next? Research, research and more research. There are a plethora of providers of small business ERP software. However, there will be a provider and a software solution that is right for your industry and your business. Look for providers with specialisations in your industry and a proven customer base of businesses like yours. Create a shortlist and from there, reach out to each provider for further information. Ask for a free demo of their software. See whether they’re willing to come out and meet with you. This is often a good indicator of the level of support you’ll receive moving forward.

To that point, always ask about the support your business will receive should you implement a provider’s software. The last thing you need as a business owner is to be left trying to figure things out and manage staff who are confused by a new system.

The right small business ERP software from a supportive provider will grow your business and take it to the next level. If you’d like further information or to request a FREE DEMO of ProfiitPlus, click here.