Quick Items in Invoicing

Note: This feature applies to ProfiitPlus & Alchemii versions 4.91 and newer.

What are Quick Items?

Quick Items are available in the Sales Orders & Invoicing module, providing an easy way to select a product to sell with just a couple of button clicks.  Each Quick Item is presented visually as a large button within a structured menu system, similar to the Touch Buttons found in the Cash Register module.

Typically this would be used for products that are not barcoded due to their small physical size (e.g. individual nuts, bolts, irrigation fittings), or that cannot be barcoded due to the nature of the product (e.g. soil, gravel, pavers).

Setting up Quick Items

Navigate to Sales Orders & Invoicing | System | Enter/Edit Quick Items

You will now see the Maintain List of ‘Quick‘ Items setup screen.

To setup Quick Categories, click on the Quick Categories tab and click the Add button to add a Category. Enter a name for this Category, and select a Parent Category if required.  Categories can be nested multiple levels deep, to enable grouping of products for easy navigation during Invoicing.

Click the Save button and you will now see the Category under your List of Quick Pick Categories.

To setup Quick Items, click on the Quick Items tab and click the Add button to add a Stock Item. Enter a Stock Code, Description, and Category.  If a Location is selected, this Quick Item will only be displayed on terminals at that Stock Location – this is useful for multi store or multi location systems.

You can also set a background colour & text colour.

Once completed, toggle back to the Quick Items tab and you will now see the new Quick Item created in the list.

Using Quick Items in Invoicing

When raising a Sales Invoice (or Quote, Order, etc.) you will now be able to see the “Quick Item” button at the top.  Clicking this button will pop-up your customised Quick Items screen. 

First, select a Category…

…and then a Quick Item.

The selected product will now be added to your Invoice.

Need a hand?

If this is a feature you’d love to use but it all sounds like a bit too much work to get started – our Professional Services team can help out. Just give Foresiight a call on (07) 3356 2772, and for a small fee we can arrange to setup your Quick Items on your system for you.