ProfiitPlus & Alchemii v4.96 New Features

Version 4.96 Features & Improvements

We have added some exciting new features to ProfiitPlus & Alchemii.  Browse some of the highlights below, or login to the Support Centre to read the complete release notes.

Edit Kits

The management of Kits has been redesigned, with a range of new features and an improved user interface. A new “Kits” tab is available via the Edit Item Details screen – this replaces the previous standalone Edit Kits feature.

SMS Reminders

A new feature has been added to Maintenance Records for sending servicing “recall” reminders via text message. This is configured via System | Setup Options.

You can configure the text you wish to send as an SMS for recall notices, and text substitutions are available to insert fields such as name, recall date, last invoice date, reference 1 – 4 (make, module, serial number, odometer, etc.). Please speak to your consultant for assistance.

Bulk Edit Reorder levels


A new feature to bulk enter and edit reorder levels has been introduced. This is found under Stock and Purchasing | Other | Enter/Edit Reorder Levels (Min & Max).

The user is able to select a range of Stock Items and can then easily edit the minimum and maximum levels for each stock item via a grid before saving these changes.

Keyword Search

The Keyword search function in a large number of Lookup screens has been enhanced to become a “multi-word” search. This means that each word entered is treated as an individual search term that may be located anywhere within multiple fields, rather than only matching on the search string in its entirety. This provides a simpler search process for the operator and a more effective set of results. 


When processing Price Updates from StockMate, the user can now select to also queue labels for stock items with a price change.

This is just a small selection from a big list of enhancements in this release. Remember to login to the Support Centre to check out all the release notes, and be sure to contact the Foresiight Support Team to have your update installed.