ProfiitPlus v4.95 New Features

Version 4.95 Features & Improvements

We have added some exciting new features to ProfiitPlus & Alchemii.  Browse some of the highlights below, or login to the Support Centre to read the complete release notes.

Manager Override Password

A major change to the use of manager override passwords has been implemented. Manager passwords are now set directly against selected Staff Members (aka Salespersons). This gives greater flexibility to set numerous passwords, rather than the previous method of a store-wide manager password that may have been shared amongst multiple staff.

This subsequently enables more detailed auditing on who is authorising transactions that require the manager password. Set up is via Administration | System | Edit Staff Detail | Detail tab.  

Negative Stock On Hand Report

A new report has been created for reviewing negative stock on hand – to help identify products being purchased or sold under the wrong Stock Code. This report can be printed per stock location or for all stock locations: Administration | Stock | Negative Stock on Hand Report.

Maintenance Records

A new feature to set an internal “Warranty” account is available in Maintenance Records. This would be used where a warranty job is to be performed for a “Unit” but the parts & labour are to be invoiced against an internal account, rather than the owner of the Unit. This is configured via Maintenance Records | System | Set Up Options | Warranty Account.  

Special Buy In’s

A new label design is available to print labels for Stock Items that were purchased in for a customer via a Sales Order, also known as “Special Buy In’s”. These labels can be generated after entering a Purchase Invoice or a Delivery Docket. The label design can be customised to print the customer details, the ordered item details, the Sales Order number, and more. Please contact Support for assistance to configure this new feature.

Productivity Report

A new sales report is available via Report | Sales Analysis | Productivity Report. This report will show revenue by Major Group for the date selected, the current month to date and the two previous months. It includes a summary showing value per sale, item count per sale, and some other productivity metrics.  


Quick Invoice Search

New search options are now available via the Invoice Enquiry by number lookup to allow the user to search for subtotal, by customer name and keyword search. The “total” search allows a customisable variance – e.g. find an invoice that was approximately $100, plus or minus $5.    


Auto Generate Purchase Orders will now remember certain criteria selections when choosing a regularly used Supplier.  After generating an order, most selections will now be automatically saved for next time you order against that Supplier.

Supplier Catalogues

The Supplier Catalogue (Lookup Catalogue) stock list has been enhanced with new filtering options to assist with a more intuitive search.  Also added is the ability to multi-select Stock Items to transfer to the main stock file.  This is a powerful feature when, for example, you wish to start stocking a new range of products from a Supplier.