ProfiitPlus: Integrated POS for Hardware stores

Hardware store owner

Foresiight has been providing the best integrated Point of Sale (POS) for hardware stores for over 35 years now. This experience is what makes us the best choice when it comes to selecting a POS for your store.

We offer not only POS for hardware stores, but also several options when it comes software. Of these, our flagship business management software ProfiitPlus is ideal for hardware stores.

Point of Sale Hardware and Software

Since we provide both the hardware and software, you know that they will always be compatible. POS hardware includes barcode scanners, docket printers, label printers, and cash drawers, all of which we thoroughly test to ensure high quality and reliability.

But what really sets us above the rest is our software. ProfiitPlus is business management software, meaning not only does it provide a POS solution and ensured hardware compatibility, but it also offers the following features:

Customer Relationship Management

Also known as a CRM, this is used to record and then utilise customer information through digital marketing like email newsletters which let your customers know about new products, sales, events, or promotions. A CRM ensures your customers are always well informed of what’s happening in your hardware store.

Inventory Management and Purchasing

Foresiight’s POS for hardware stores is so much more than just POS. ProfiitPlus automatically tracks and records each and every sale made at your hardware store, be it in your bricks and mortar store or online via your website. This transactional data makes certain your books are always 100% accurate. ProfiitPlus also makes the according changes to your inventory records so it can automatically purchase new stock when it detects that you are running low.

Price Adjustments

ProfiitPlus automatically makes necessary changes to your pricing when the situation calls for it. Perhaps it is for a tax, delivery cost, or awarding an employee commission. Whatever the case, our POS system makes sure everyone is charged fairly and correctly.

Staff Management

ProfiitPlus business management software also assists with organising your staff. This helps you look after your employee’s rostering, leave, payroll, and training, and keeps your business running smoothly.

The advantages of ProfiitPlus – integrated POS for Hardware stores

ProfiitPlus integrated POS for Hardware stores provides a variety of benefits for your hardware store. In addition to the assurance of compatibility between hardware and software, ProfiitPlus brings with it the following advantages:  –

  • Everything is Automatic

ProfiitPlus POS for Hardware stores ensures that inventory recording, and stock ordering all operate automatically. This reduces the likelihood of human error, ensures your books are always accurate, and saves you an incredible amount of time.

  • All you need in one place

All the facets of ProfiitPlus business management software for hardware stores mentioned above are handled in the same simple, digital place as your hardware store POS. Accounting, inventory, CRMs, and staffing are all in one place, all you need is a computer or device with an internet connection.

  • Efficiency

When you combine automation and efficiency you get the best efficiency imaginable. Everything running in one place with only minimal input needed from you gives you the time to look after the things that really matter.

  • Forecasting

The information recorded by our POS system is analysed to make accurate predictions about upcoming changes to your hardware store’s needs. If it detects a product is more or less popular it can make sure you are not over or understocked, saving you from unnecessary spending or running out. 

Further information

To learn more about Foresiight, our business management software ProfiitPlus, and how our POS hardware and software can benefit your hardware store give us call us on 1800 061 670 or use our simple contact form.