ProfiitPlus hardware store POS

Business owner standing at point of sale in hardware store

ProfiitPlus hardware store POS software integrates point of sale (POS), accounting and stock management. It’s trusted by hardware stores throughout Queensland and Australia-wide to provide the functionality and smarts that you need for the hardware store industry.

At Foresiight, we’ve been helping hardware stores to become more efficient and profitable for over 35 years. We’ve taken our learnings, to customise ProfiitPlus to meet the needs of our hardware store clients, now and into the future.

Our team of business consultants work with our hardware store clients to implement ProfiitPlus software across their multiple sites and ensure that staff are confident and comfortable with the software.

ProfiitPlus features

With ProfiitPlus hardware store POS, you will benefit from all of the standard features of our flagship business management software including:

All in one solution

  • One centralised database integrating point of sale, stock and accounting across all stores and sites
  • Transactional tracking from sale all the way through to your profit and loss statement
  • Full automation with no manual data entry
  • Track information by store, region, state or individual team member

Point of sale (POS)

  • Quick and efficient touch screen interface
  • Apply discounted promotional pricing
  • Added security with Store Manager and Head Office override passwords
  • Improve your customer experience with account retrieval and membership renewal
  • Prepare and manage invoices, orders and quotes from your point of sale
  • Record layby products by customer, record payment and set reminders

Real-time data

  • View up to date data in your chosen format
  • Enter a transaction at point of sale and stock levels, sales reports and accounting reports update instantly
  • Real time information provided to all levels of your business
  • Performance monitor across multiple POS terminals with instant reports

Stock Management

  • Control stock across multiple sites, stores and regions
  • Replenish orders for dispensed stock
  • Forecasting based on sales figures, stock holding and projected sales
  • Generate orders based on minimums and maximums
  • Order from hand-held scanning terminals
  • Central warehouse and distribution facilities


  • In-built general ledger accounting system runs from the same database as POS
  • Full double entry accounting system
  • Live profit and loss balance sheet
  • Budgeting and financial analysis
  • Year on year reporting
  • Link to external payroll systems


  • Track and analyse performance by store, team members, sales channel, regions and more
  • Set performance targets for regions, stores and staff
  • Track average value per transaction and average number of units per sale

ProfiitPlus hardware store POS features

  • Simple touchscreen POS sales and trade counter style invoicing
  • Multiple pricing levels for customer-based pricing
  • Full promotion management for group and local promotions
  • Print shelf talkers and shelf labels
  • Sell items in unlimited units of measure with automatic stock control based upon preset ratios
  • Track serial numbers for high ticket items
  • Scan and create barcodes
  • Track fulfilment of customer orders – associate purchase order lines with sales orders
  • Integrate IHG & Mitre10 for electronic ordering and invoicing, Electronic Price Guides and Vii Loyalty
  • Price updates from a huge range of suppliers
  • Manage ratio items such as chain, rope and gas – buy it by the roll, sell by the metre or any other preferred denomination
  • Automatically maintain stock and pricing using predefined ratios and markups
  • Sell and purchase in different units of measure, including the purchase of gas in kilograms and sold in litres
  • Accommodate retail, wholesale, trade and contract pricing
  • Create quotes, special orders and sales from POS interface
  • Send customer messages from POS with automated messages or targeted SMS
  • Email invoices, orders, quotations and customer documents from POS

Foresiight support


  • We will work with you to customise our software to precisely fit your business needs


  • Our team of business analysts will review your business and provide a customised solution to cater for your present and future needs


  • We work with businesses on-site for “implementation week” to ensure that you get all the support you need and a smooth transition


  • We provide full on-site training to both front of house and back-office staff

Technical support

  • Our dedicated team of IT consultants are on-hand to support you every step of the way and you’ll always speak to a real person

Further information

Find out how ProfiitPlus hardware store POS can help your hardware store business to grow. Visit ProfiitPlus for hardware and building or use our easy contact form and we’ll be in touch.