Profiitplus Hardware Store POS solution

Hardware store owner

Foresiight has been providing our leading hardware store POS solution for 35 years. Our flagship business management software, ProfiitPlus, handles all aspects of POS and we even provide the hardware too. It is this experience and dedication that makes us the perfect choice to take care of your hardware store POS needs.

The Features of Foresiight’s POS

ProfiitPlus business management software does more than just answer your hardware store POS needs, it also contains the following features which support your hardware store business operations, enabling you to grow:

Inventory Management: ProfiitPlus automatically tracks every sale your hardware store makes, both in your bricks and mortar stores and over your website or other online sales channels. This ensures your inventory records are always accurate and up to date.

Stock Purchasing: ProfiitPlus keeps track of your stock levels so it can automatically make new purchases when it detects that you need more of a particular product. No more being over or understocked on anything.

Price Adjustments: Whether you’re calculating tax, having a sale, awarding commission, charging for delivery, or for any other reason, prices need to be changed and need to be changed often. ProfiitPlus can automatically update prices throughout your entire business based on your needs.

Customer Relationship Management: Also known as CRMs, this is when customer information is recorded and put to use to keep your customers engaged with and loyal to your business. By using digital marketing such as email newsletters, ProfiitPlus helps keep your customers in the loop about what’s new at your hardware store.

Staff Management: Your staff are your most valuable asset. Look after them more easily with ProfiitPlus taking care of rostering, leave, payroll, and training, all with the same integrated software as your POS.

Forecasting: ProfiitPlus takes all of the information it records and then uses it to make predictions about your hardware store’s upcoming needs. Maybe the holidays are approaching or there’s a new product launch coming up. Whatever the need, ProfiitPlus will let you know what’s trending in your store and helping you make well-informed decisions to support your business’ future growth.

The Benefits of Having ProfiitPlus integrated POS

Foresiight’s ProfiitPlus integrated POS solution has all of the above features as well provides numerous benefits to your hardware store. Here’s how having our business management software on hand will help give your store a competitive edge:

  • Everything Automated

ProfiitPlus’ POS, as well as all the other features of our business management software, can all update automatically for you. This ensures everything is always up current and completely accurate.

  • Everything Centralised

All of ProfiitPlus’ features are handled in the same easy to use place as our POS system. With just one handy piece of digital business management software and a device with an internet connection you can run your entire hardware store from anywhere in the world.

  • Everything Efficient

With everything in ProfiitPlus automated and centralised you also get maximum efficiency. Your hardware store will run quicker and smoother, saving you time. Don’t sweat the small stuff with ProfiitPlus in place.

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