Marine Supplies Business Management Software

Foresiight has been providing the best business management software available to help marine supplies businesses for over 35 years. Our flagship product, ProfiitPlus, helps manage every aspect of running your business, from stock, to point of sale (POS), to staffing, and more. With its unmatched functionality and benefits, we can help your marine supplies business become an industry leader.

The Benefits of ProfiitPlus

As our flagship business management software, we’ve customised ProfiitPlus with everything you need to support your marine supplies business. No two organisations are the same, so whether yours is small, medium or national our business management software can be fully integrated with your business to save you time, money, and energy.

ProfiitPlus is both affordable, powerful and customised for marine supplies, giving you more control than other generic business management systems. You can rest assured we’re always working to meet your ever shifting needs and will always provide you with a tailored solution which guarantees the following benefits:

1. A Holistic Solution

ProfiitPlus is automatic, everything from recording changes to inventory, to checking your accounting books, to analysing sales data, and more. All this is done automatically for your convenience, which reduces errors while saving you time and money.

ProfiitPlus’ live database means that it provides you with information on how your marine supplies business is performing which is always completely up to date and accurate. Meanwhile, integration with your point of sale is streamlined and reflected in real-time.

2. Customisation

ProfiitPlus has over 300 fully customisable options and our in-house development team is always working to create more efficiencies and profitability in our client’s businesses. If you’d like the extra hand, our team can even help you tailor ProfiitPlus to suit your business’ specific needs.

3. Continuous Development

Our in-house development team is always working on ProfiitPlus to ensure it meets the everchanging needs of the business landscape. With ProfiitPlus, you can be assured that however much time goes by you will be operating with advanced and innovative business management software to grow your marine supplies business.

4. Ongoing Support

Foresiight doesn’t just help by providing ProfiitPlus, you also get our support as a business partner. Our friendly support team will happily answer any questions you might have or help you solve and trouble shoot any issues. Whether you’re a new or long-time customer, or even if you’re yet to get ProfiitPlus, we’re here to help and will stick with you every step of the way.

Everything You Need In One Place

ProfiitPlus handles everything you need to run your marine supplies business through one integrated database. All you need is a device and an internet connection, and ProfiitPlus will help you look after the following:

  • Barcode and label printing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Consumer rewards programs
  • Marketing and sales campaigns
  • Events and promotions
  • Managing supplier rebates
  • Tracking repair statuses
  • Managing, locating, organising, and prioritising jobcards through the integrated JobMate app
  • Overseeing kit items and contents
  • An integrated POS system
  • Reporting information on all sales and purchasing
  • Price setting and adjustments
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Serial number tracking
  • Accounting
  • Staff rosters
  • And so much more

For More Information

To learn more about Foresiight, ProfiitPlus, or how we can help you manage the operations of your marine supplies business, simply give us a call on 1800 061 670 or use our easy contact form to tell us about your company and a member of our support team will quickly be in touch. At Foresiight, you will always be speaking with a real person who understands your marine supplies business.