How to find the right Business Management Software in Australia

When faced with any important decisions in business or in our personal lives, weighing up the pros and cons is often a methodology we apply to help us make a rational decision.  

Deciding whether to upgrade your Australian small business to all-in-one business management software is no different. However, before even considering the pros and cons, you need to evaluate your business’ needs. Identifying the challenges that you are hoping to overcome and consider business management software as part of the solution.

Identity your business challenges

You know that things just aren’t working as effectively as they could but beyond that, can you pinpoint where the issues lie? It’s a good idea to go through this exercise as a starting point, before looking at the potential pros and cons of business management software.

At Foresiight, we’ve been working with small businesses throughout Australia and across various industries for over 35 years. Our leading business management software ProfiitPlus helps Australian businesses to take control.

Some of the challenges that they have experienced that ProfiitPlus has solved include:

  • Data inconsistencies and discrepancies throughout their business and from department to department
  • Multiple data entry taking up time that staff could better spend on other tasks within the business
  • Issues with stock such as under-ordering, over-ordering, spoilage and an inability to identify seasonal trends accurately
  • A requirement for business owners to be on-site and to micro-manage people and processes
  • End of year stock take becomes an overwhelming task and drains resources each year end
  • They are still using spreadsheets for project management causing processes to run inefficiently
  • They want to grow their business across multiple locations and need operations across locations to be integrated
  • They need to expand their sales into e-commerce and integrate operations with their bricks and mortar store(s)

Procrastination is common!

If you know you need to do something about your business operations but you haven’t quite got around to it, don’t worry, procrastination is common! Often, the thought of implementing new business management software seems like a mammoth task and business owners put it off for as long as possible.

However, if you are experiencing two or more of the challenges listed above (or even one depending on the extent of the issues that it is causing) it’s time to take action.

Working out what you need

Get your thoughts together with some lists to help you to work out what you need from your business management software.

List 1: All the software / systems that you currently use (such as accounting, inventory, etc)

List 2: The “must-have” features that you use already and need to grow your business (such as financial reports, international currency, etc)

List 3: The “desirable” features that will make your business more succcessful in the future (such as custom reports, manufacturing, etc)

Creating these lists will help you to start to identify potential business management software that will meet the needs of your Australian small business now and into the future.

Industry customisations

Some of the industries that we work with include:

Local support

For many Australian small businesses, it’s beneficial to have support from a local partner like Foresiight. We are based in Brisbane and when you call us for support you will always get to speak to a real person who understands your business and your industry.  

Further information

To find out more about Foresiight’s leading business management software ProfiitPlus, simply call us on 1800 061 670 or use our easy contact form to tell us about your business and we’ll be in touch.