Helpful Tips for Stocktaking

Here are some helpful hints and reminders to make all that counting worthwhile.

  • Ensure that all Stock Receipts (Purchase Invoices / Delivery Dockets) have been entered, if those products are to be counted.
  • The optimal time to perform a Stocktake is outside of trading hours – it’s difficult to accurately count your stock when customers are walking around your store with a basket full!
  • Remember to set your Stocktake Freeze Point before you start counting. This takes a snapshot of the current quantity On Hand for all stock at this point in time. Later, when the Generate Stocktake Adjustment Batch process is initiated, this snapshot is what is used to determine the difference between your “theoretical” On Hand quantities and your “physical” counts in order to determine the required adjustment quantities.
  • Take note of committed stock (i.e. products that are on an incomplete Invoice or Jobcard):
         • Where the stock is committed prior to being counted, the committed quantity must be added onto the count.
         • Where the stock is committed after being counted, the committed quantity must be ignored
  • Use your StockMate Device! It will save a huge amount of time and reduce errors when compared to using paper-based Stocktake Worksheets.
  • If you generate an Interim Stocktake, any products that are not counted will not be adjusted.  If you wish to bring a product back to nil on hand, you will need to enter a Stock Count of zero.
  • Make use of the List of Items Without Count report – this will be useful when stocktaking by Supplier or by Product Group.
  • Check your Stocktake Discrepancy Report – it is advantageous to run your eyes over this report to ensure counts are accurate, double-checking any high value products as well as those with a large discrepancy to be adjusted.

What is the difference between Interim and Full Stocktakes?

Interim Stocktake – will adjust only items that are counted.
Full Stocktake – will adjust all items.  Items with a quantity on hand, but no count entered, will be adjusted back to zero.

Always take a database backup before processing a Full Stocktake


Stocktaking Steps Quick Overview

  • Set a Freeze Point before beginning the stocktake
  • Print Stocktake worksheets and record your counts, or use StockMate mobile to record your counts
  • Run the List Items without Count report to check if anything has been missed
  • Run the Stocktake Discrepancy Report to see what adjustments will be generated
  • Generate your stocktake adjustment batch
  • Print and Post the adjustments Journal

You can read our full knowledge base article on Stocktakes on the Client Portal – or call the Foresiight team to book in a training session with one of our consultants.