Flourishing Flowers, Flourishing Businesses

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What’s more beautiful than a flower? Flowers come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours, and each one has its own special meaning behind it. Whether you realise it or not, flowers are a huge part of our culture and our society.

From those businesses who help send them out into the world like florists, to landscape and garden supplies businesses, to those who receive them on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, the give and take of flowers is also an important part of our culture and economy. Foresiight’s business management software solutions are customised for the landscape and garden supply industry and we can help make your business bloom the same way your flowers do.

Foresiight has been providing our business management software solutions to businesses all over Australia for more than 35 years. Whether it’s Alchemii for pharmacies, the highly customisable Liinc, or our flagship business management software ProfiitPlus, we help you grow your business no matter your industry. If you need help with accounting, inventory, point of sale (POS) systems, or you need small business online store integration, we’re the perfect choice to help you grow.

The Importance of Growth

It takes more than just water to grow beautiful flowers. You also need fertiliser, sunlight, and the right know-how. What if you give them too much sun? Or too much water? You need to know the right amount of everything that your flowers need or else you might end up giving them too much of something. Dead flowers are of virtually no use to anyone.

It’s the same with growing a business, you need to use just the right touch every step of the way.

It begins at the point of sale (POS). POS comprises of hardware and software, cash registers taking in physical money or processing online transactions and recording the details. If they’re not fully compatible then the smallest details can be off and grow into a big problem. With every flower or plant that gets sold, or job that gets booked in, your landscape and garden supplies business POS system needs to be in perfect harmony to make sure that mistakes don’t get made.

Keep on Growing

Like planting a seed, planting the right POS system in your business is just the beginning of things. Just as a growing flower might need to be trimmed, repotted, or moved somewhere with better sunlight, so too does a business need to make sure it has enough space to grow and no dead weight holding it back.

ProfiitPlus from Foresiight is the customised solution you need. With its constantly accurate accounting system, you’ll avoid any doubt as to whether your books are perfectly balanced or not. With its automatic inventory purchasing, you’ll never spend money overstocking yourself on a product that you don’t really need, nor will you ever find your shelves empty or your customers deprived of those most vital and popular products. 

Bright Flowers, a Brighter Future for Your Business

It doesn’t matter if your small business is in the flower industry or not. Either way Foresiight has the business management software that can help your company grow and blossom all the same with a range of industry customisations.

To get started, simply get in touch with us on 1800 061 670 or using our contact form.