Email Security Configuration

Recently many email providers have introduced additional security requirements when it comes to using their email servers to send email from a 3rd party application. This is part of the ongoing fight against spam and unsolicited email.

In response to these changes, Foresiight has introduced support for a number of different email security options into the application. Other more subtle changes have also been made to the way that the application sends emails, to help ensure a high delivery rate and good anti-spam scores.

This article will show you a brief outline of some of the Email settings that are available. To read the full Email Setup article, please visit the Client Portal.

Email Configuration

To setup emailing through ProfiitPlus or Alchemii, navigate to Administration | System | Communications Setup | Host Email Settings

Basic Settings

Before configuring your email for the first time, or changing to a different email provider, you will need to first contact your email provider to find out their Host email settings. Often this information will be published on the email provider’s website.

In this screen you need to enter the following details:

  1. Email Host (Example
  2. Port (most often this will be port 25465 or 587)
  3. Username & Password (most email providers nowadays will require you to authenticate with user credentials in order to send outbound email – in the past this was not the case)

Additional Security Settings

If your email provider requires SSL or TLS, please select the appropriate SSL/TLS Support Type and Protocol Version. 

Support Type is based on what your provider recommends. 

Protocol version for TLS is normally TLS 1.2, and for SSL normally SSL2 or SSL3.

Please note: If you are using Microsoft 365 or Gmail you will need to generate an “app password”, which allows email to be sent from a 3rd party application. For more information on how to generate app passwords please refer to the following links.


OFFICE 365How to Create App Password for Office 365

More information

You can find the complete Email Setup knowledge base article on the Client Portal or call the Foresiight Help Desk for advice on Email settings.