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Our leading distribution business management software ProfiitPlus has been customised to meet the needs Australian wholesale and distribution businesses. ProfiitPlus handles all facets of your supply chain and distribution operations in one easy-to-use system. At Foresiight, we understand the intricacies of managing your invoicing, your balance sheet, your customer needs, procurement and everything in between. That’s why ProfiitPlus has been built and customised to support your unique needs as a wholesale distribution business.

How do I know if I need distribution business management software?

If you are trying to ascertain whether you need to invest in business management software specifically tailored for distribution businesses, thinking about the questions below might help. Are any of these challenges that your business faces on daily, weekly or a regular basis? Are they challenges that are preventing your business from growing? Would you describe them as barriers? Are they the things that keep you awake at night? Consider these questions:

  • • Is your team manually entering the same data into different systems across your business and wasting valuable time in the process?
  • • Are you distracted with the complexity of managing operations when you should be concentrating on improving your customer service?
  • • Do you use spreadsheets in an effort to achieve stock control throughout your business?
  • • Are you a small business that has out-grown the systems put in place to manage operations when you first started out?
  • • Are you finding data inaccuracies throughout your distribution business that are costing you money?
  • • Are you struggling to make business decisions because you don’t have access to intelligent business insights?
  • • Do you find it a challenge to step away from your business because you are integral to the successful running of operations?
  • • Are you “micro-managing” your team and/or your processes?
  • • Do you spend more time “in” your business than “on” your business?

If any of the above challenges ring true for you then taking the next step to grow your business with the right distribution business management software could be a smart move. Understanding the features of our distribution business management software is a great first step.

What are the features of ProfiitPlus distribution business management software?

  • • Warehouse management
  • • Sales, invoicing and purchase order management
  • • Pricing management
  • • Sales and purchase forecasting
  • • Complex bundle promotion handling
  • • Shipment apportioning
  • • Multi-location and multi-cost centre control
  • • Calculated and forecast ordering
  • • Replenishment location ordering
  • • Online ordering integration

Easy integration and partnership

Our team of Brisbane based developers and business consultants know ProfiitPlus inside-out and they understand the requirements of distribution businesses and the unique challenges that you face. We’ve been working with small to medium sized businesses throughout Brisbane, Queensland and Australia for over 30 years.

We’re with you every step of the way through implementation to ensure a smooth transition from your existing system for your staff and your customers. Beyond implementation, we pride ourselves on the partnerships that we create with our clients, working with you to help grow your business.

Who are Foresiight?

Based in Brisbane since 1981, we were recently acquired, as part of Constellation Software via its operating group Vela Software Asia Pacific, Foresiight benefits from a strong corporate platform with international support and governance, while continuing to operate with the same small company responsiveness.

Why choose ProfiitPlus?

There are many options when it comes to basic “off-the-shelf” business management systems and then there is a big leap to the much larger, more complex and more expensive systems and software.  ProfiitPlus fills that gap – providing the power of a sophisticated business management system, that is easy to use and affordable for small to medium sized Australian businesses.

Further information

Find out more about ProfiitPlus for wholesale and distribution businesses, fill in our contact form or call our team on 1800 061 670 today for a free demo.

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