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We help our clients to grow and become more profitable.
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About Foresiight

We partner with Australian businesses to help them grow and become more profitable with our market leading business management software.


At Foresiight, we are industry leaders in developing and implementing business management software in Australia. From our head office in Brisbane, we partner with growing businesses Australia wide to deliver our market leading software solutions ProfitPlus, Alchemii and Liinc.

Established in 1981, we’ve been helping Australian businesses to grow for over 35 years. We work across a diverse range of industries both retail and wholesale from pharmaceutical to hardware and landscaping, from homewares to auto parts and everything in between. We take what we learn from each industry and inject that into our software to provide real outcomes for business owners.

We partner with our clients to develop, implement and support your needs with all in one business management software that integrates point of sale, accounting, stock control and mobile commerce application. We’re here to help you grow your business with software solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your business.


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ProfiitPlus is your complete business management software solution and Foresiight’s flagship software. The market leading functionality of ProfiitPlus provides small, medium and larger sized businesses with a fully integrated point of sale, accounting and stock control solution. All from one live database.

The all in one business management software enables businesses to manage their stock levels using intelligent ordering methods to ensure that seasonal trends and demands are met whilst minimising stock holdings and maximising cash flow.

Because no two businesses are the same, ProfiitPlus software has evolved over 30 years to now offer over 300 customisable options. Our team of in-house developers continually create further enhancements and customisations to meet the unique needs of each business that we partner with.

With ProfiitPlus™ you can focus on growing your business. Watch our video to find out how.


Liinc is an enterprise-grade Business Management application for medium to large industry groups, buying groups and franchises. The Liinc solution has evolved from years of retail industry software experience and comprises market-leading cloud-based ERP software in Australia.

Liinc is designed for managing groups running our all in one business management software ProfiitPlus or Alchemii in-store. Liinc provides complete top-level control and visibility of stock and sales activity, all from a stunning cloud-based application that you can access from any desktop computer or tablet device, regardless of your physical location.

With Liinc, you can manage and monitor your group of businesses from anywhere in the world. Watch our video to find out how.


Alchemii™ is the pharmacy business management software of choice for small, medium and larger sized pharmacies. Alchemi provides an end-to-end point of sale, stock control, membership, and accounting solution customised for the unique needs of the pharmacy industry.

Built on the diversity and power of ProfiitPlus™, Alchemii™ has been expanded for Pharmacy, with all of the market leading features of ProfiitPlus™. Alchemii provides comprehensive support for dispensary integration and the PharmX ordering gateway. With powerful ordering methodologies and flexible customer membership and loyalty features, we’ve taken everything we have learned from the retail industry to Alchemii™.

Give your Pharmacy the competitive edge with Alchemii. Watch our video to find out how.



We pride ourselves on having an excellent support team.

At Foresiight we understand the need to speak with a real person  who can provide a fast response to your questions.  Our helpdesk operators are friendly and experienced in all aspects of business and all of our products.  Located in our Brisbane office, our support team has immediate access to our team of Developers and Qualified Technicians to ensure that all of your support can be handled in a central location. Simple support requests typically get a response within fifteen minutes. We are happy to help with any support questions you may have in the fields of software, hardware, implementation, business process management, and network engineering. We are proud to have such an extensive range of expertise which allows us to ensure you get the service you need.

eCommerce integration

We support integration with a range of eCommerce solutions.

ProfiitPlus and Alchemii can be linked to your online store with our purpose-built eCommerce Interface.  Automatically publish stock information to your website including descriptions, pictures, pricing and inventory levels.  Once a customer purchases a product online, a Web Order is automatically created in your ProfiitPlus or Alchemii system, ready for your staff to pack and send.  No more double handling of data – keep your inventory up to date and keep your customer purchasing information all in one place. So whether you’re struggling with stock management for pharmacy, stock management for auto parts, hardware stores and everything in between, we have the solution.